This Video Showing The Process of Making The White Walkers is pure Gold

Winter is coming and so are the White Walkers, the army of the dead led by the Night King that sends chills down our spine!

From a seldom seen myth to the mightiest rivals in Westros, The White Walkers evolved into dominance gradually. If they make it to the other end of the wall, there will be eternal long night, a mythical winter that would end most lives on the planet.

According to the legends or the book by George R.R Martin, children of the forests created the small army of the walkers to fight the first men but they antagonised them eventually. The White Walkers are capable of turning any dead body into a Wight in just one touch. Animals are not out from that radar too, any animal can be brought into the servitude of the Night King, even a Dragon that he can turn into a Wight by just a touch.

White Walkers used to be humans and now they have turned into ice monsters. They have some sort of non-verbal communication with each other although they don’t appear to speak to each other.

This year, winter will come late for the fans of Game of Thrones, that is in the month of April. HBO has recently announced the release date of the widely coveted cult-drama and we are waiting with bated breath. Last season’s cliffhanger ended with chock-full of death and revealations. Speculations are rife that Bran Stark can be the Night King. We are not ruling out the probability.

In the last season, the vicious Night King has turned Viserion into a Wight dragon which turned the last harbour of Jon Snow and co., ‘The Wall’ into a debris. Now, the Night King will march towards Winterfell with his army in tow. Probably, we will see the Night King riding on the Wight Viserion releasing jets of blue flame.

So, if you thought the White Walkers were just mindless zombies, may be you should think again!

Meanwhile, when were sifting through the videos made backstage of the Fantasy Dramas, we bumped into something that we though will definitely leave you in awe. The making of White Walkers! May be after watching this video you will not wake up in cold sweat, assured that they are merely humans wearing hideous prosthetics!

To make them appear like humanoid creatures and the unsightly supernatural threat that they are to the humanity, they are subjected to overlappings of make-up. This video below shows how White Walkers, the pretty ragtag ones on the show who carry chamaleon-like armors undergo the tedious make-up before the shoot.

Watch this video below and feel the sudden rush of excitement like we did:

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