7 Awkward And Shocking Photos Of B-Town Celebs That Caught Media’s Attention!

Shocking Photos Of B-Town Celebs

“Shocking Photos Of B-Town Celebs”

The paparazzi never leave celebrities alone.

Whether celebs like it or not, paparazzi will do their own thing and will extremely shock us with celebrity awkward photos. Frankly sometimes, celebs really don’t know about what the heck they’re doing and get’s into a major trouble.

And this trouble brings a lot embarrassment to ‘em.

Therefore, a lot of celebrities were caught into this trap and the pictures are quite shocking. I guess, when these pictures came out, the celebs must’ve felt a lot of awkwardness.

Take a look: –

  1. Rakhi Sawant

Kiss and show! This was done in the presence of all paparrazzi’s and seriously with this act, Rakhi took internet by storm. This created a lot of buzz and this act kept people thinking- was it “drunk and happened” situation or a “Publicity stunt”.

This incident took place at the premier of the movie “Khamosh”.

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