Kylie Jenner’s Lips To Kim Kardashian’s Hips! Is This What The World Craves?


This world is now a plastic world!

Everywhere you go you will see ladies sporting a lip job, boob job, tummy tuck, nose-job (rhinoplasty) and all kinds of jobs you can imagine getting done on your body!

This trend has taken a hideous turn in Hollywood and Bollywood damsels are soon catching up on the trend. Remember Kangana Ranaut, Bipasha Basu’s flat chest, Priety Zinta and Juhi Chawla’s perfect nose and Anushka Sharma’ lips? Well, they all went under the knife to get the ‘perfect looking body’.


Their queen in this list is Koena Mitra, who went through so many procedures, that it is now impossible to keep count of what is actually real on her body!

A Trend From Hollywood

Breast augmentation and other such procedures were a gift from the world of plastic surgery to people with maimed or disfigured bodies and patients who had lost their breasts due to breast cancer but, the trend shifted to celebrities risking it all in a bid to look more glamorous and more attractive in front of the camera.

It all started with the madness that was portrayed by Michael Jackson that showed the world how powerful (or ugly) plastic surgery is – it gave him a new face! His sister Janet too followed in his footsteps.

Who can forget Dolly Parton’s iconic ‘mountains’ and Donatella Versace, Lindsay Lohan, Joan Rivers, Kim Novak – they all look hideous now!

But that hasn’t deterred the current Hollywood celebs from botching up their look for the sexy and glam look. The latest fiasco has been created by Kylie Jenner and her lips apart from Kim Kardashian and her eternal ‘booty’ jokes.

Kylie Jenner’s Pucker To Kim K’s Humongous Buttocks!

Kylie Jenner’s lips are believed to be ‘oh-so-perfect’ that so many girls are wrecking their lives by trying to copy her lip shape and pinching or squeezing their lips, hurting themselves badly in the process. Her plumped-up lip is such a rage that there is a dedicated hashtag on social media for her lips! For a woman who takes 40 minutes just to apply her lipstick in a bid to accentuate her lips – she just isn’t worth wasting your time on! Little do the little teenage girls know that this is a lip-job too! 😛

Coming to Kim Kardashian’s big-big buttocks! What the hell is wrong with her behind? Does she have two large bread loaves snuck under her short-skirt or something? Compare her butt to Miley Cyrus’s flat butt and then you will know what we are talking about! Her butt is enormous and it can kill people if swung in the wrong direction! 😛

Not only this, her breasts, her lips and even her nails are said to have gone under the surgeon’s knife at least once – crazy! Yes, you read it right! Fingertips are puckered up too!


The Future

Ladies, if you are reading this, respect your bodies for God’s sake! Men love you just the way you are! If you are stupid enough to undergo painful surgeries with silicone packs jiggling inside your body, you are dumber than a cat chasing a laser beam!

Also, the costs should put you off! Do you know who atrociously priced these procedures like contouring, shaping, reconstruction and all cost?  Maybe that should deter you from taking this huge step that is sure to disfigure you for life!

Exercise diligence and avoid such procedures! Peace!

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