5 Times Celeb T-Shirts Spoke Their Heart Out And Ours Too

celeb T-Shirts

Celeb T-Shirts – Not only the movies, but thefashion sense of Bollywood celebrities is an interesting issue of discussion for fans and media.

Indeed, even superstars know this extremely well, correct? It’s very clear that at whatever point they come in the spotlight, questions are being asked to them and sometimes they just get pissed. In any case, this time the pattern is changed. Yes, I mean, these days when celebs are in no state of mind to answer the inquiries asked by media, they let their t-shirts do the talking.

On that note, let’s have a look at when celeb t-shirts spoke their heart out and ours too.

Celeb T-Shirts –

1 – Alia Bhatt

With regards to wearing a slogan tee, nobody can beat Alia Bhatt. Yes, and it’s all since she has worn numerous slogan shirts to express her different states of mind. We have picked this one and it’s far excessively charming. Take a gander at the shirt – Yeah, for her BAE implies Bacon and Egg.

celeb T-Shirts

2 – Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is just the way his tee is describing him. He never cares about the opinions people have of him and never has he ever reacted to any of them. Well, we wish to wear the same, don’t we?

celeb T-Shirts

3 – Katrina Kaif

Alright, this one is straight to the media individuals who were eager to get some information about her BF. That is to say, Katrina was possibly so beyond any doubt that the media will ask her “that” one inquiry “Who is your BF?” and afterward, her shirt answers it all.

celeb T-Shirts

4 – Richa Chadda

We spotted Richa Chadda wearing this super cool tee at an occasion and we cherished it. The shirt says ‘jugaadu bholi’ with two thumbs pointing at the individual who is wearing it. Well, she indeed is one, isn’t she?

celeb T-Shirts

5 – Priyanka Chopra

This is the message that this woman has always followed in her life. Besides, there are many individuals who are always prepared to troll her, and she’s not abandoning herself. Thus, to put it plainly, this message is a reply to all those critics. Subtle, huh?

celeb T-Shirts

These are celeb T-Shirts – All these t-shirts are our favourite because they didn’t just speak for the stars but us too. Well, we want more!

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