How to avoid groupism in college

College can be a nasty place. We give you tips to fight groupism.

Admit it, we have all been through this nasty phase in college where we were subjected to groupism. From backbiting to being left out in a group, it’s a nasty place to be in. We give you tips to fight groupism in college. Read on:

Talk it out:
One of the main reasons why your friends can turn against you and indulge in groupism is due to lack of communication. It’s best to talk it out and sort out your differences. If you know what the problem is, you’d be able to avoid this nasty thing called groupism.

You have to accept that in a group of five, you’d be closest to just one. There’s no way you could have two best friends, despite you considering everybody equal. There’s obviously only one person you call/text/meet more than the rest of the gang. It’s true for the rest of people in your group too, so accept that a little bit of groupism is going to be a part of your college life. When you’re mentally prepared to take this head on, you’ll feel less flustered about it.

No backbiting:
You could hate one of your group mates so much that you want to pull her/his eyes out, but never backbite. If you have issues with him/her, tell to his/her face. Don’t pass it on from one to another like it’s a game of Chinese Whispers. Information always get diluted when passed around, so confrontation is your best tool.

Don’t break the ‘Bro Code’:
It’s very common to have crushes on your groupmate(s) and if two of your friends are going steady with each other, don’t flaunt your crush for one of them. You’ll be criticised for breaking the sacred ‘Bro Code’ and ostracized from the group. Despite attraction being one of the most common things in a teen’s life, others will not accept it and make your life hell. Do you want that?

Being a-social:
You must take out time to mingle with your group and stop being a-social with them. Go out for dinners, parties and day-outs/night-outs. If you keep giving excuses for not mingling with your group mates, you’re going to be shunned by the group. It might sound too harsh and judgemental, but it happens all the time.


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