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Career In Home Science

Career In Home Science – What is the common thing in all the celeb magazines you’ve read since last month? Reading something or the other about dieting. Now, if you possess a profound interest in Home Science, you could be one of those who instructs your favourite celeb in dieting or working out.

Generally considered as a domain for the feminine population, especially in India, Home Science offers a vivid plethora of options to choose from. A degree in either of these fields could give you a deep insight into the importance of dietetics and nutrition in our lives. So, we help you identify your area of interest post your graduation in this field.

Career In Home Science –


After completion of HSC, to make a career in Home Science or related field, you could take admission in B.Sc.- Home Science or you could also pursue a diploma from any of the popular institutes you’re familiar with. Just make sure that you know about the course well, before you take admission. Some of the famous institutes recognised in India for a course in nutrition and dietetics are: National Institute of Nutrition in Hyderabad, SNDT College in Mumbai, Mangalore University etc.

What is the course all about

Generally, a course in nutrition and dietetics involves newer ways and techniques to counter diet related problems in the total population i.e.- upper class, middle class, lower class and below poverty line. The basics include:

– Identification of nutritional and dietary problems in all segments of habitation

– Strategizing methods that are socially and economically viable to check the nutritional problems in the country.

– Monitoring of diet and health ways via new management and health techniques.

– Suggest government or development related bodies on issues regarding health and nutrition

Job Options

Nutritional Consultants– Nutritionists or nutritional consultants work with an organization or individually with food processing and manufacturing companies to make sure that their products are nutritionally sound. While working in the Healthcare department, they’re supposed to conduct tests to diagnose the quality of people’s nutritional intake and advice them on their diet.

Dietician: A dietician plans your daily diet, measures the nutritional value and supervises meal preparation for you. They’re expected to keep in check the illnesses by promoting healthy eating habits and recommending dietary modifications. Clinical dieticians provide nutritional services to patients in hospitals, nursing care facilities, and other institutions. They’re expected to assess patients on their nutritional needs, develop and implement nutrition programs, and evaluate and report the results.

Food Scientist: A food scientist usually works in the food processing industry to create and improve food products. As they possess a good knowledge of chemistry, physics, engineering, microbiology, biotechnology, and other sciences, they are required to develop better ways of preserving, processing, manufacturing and delivering packed food items.

The demand for a Career In Home Science has declined ever since mainstream careers like engineering, medical, architecture etc. came up. However, as blow to the mainstream sectors, companies like Colgate, Bournvita, McCain and others have a great demand for those who possess an experience in this field. That doc who just appeared on the TV to suggest you a toothpaste or health drink is one of those.

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