7 Annoying Eatables That Often Send You Reaching For Your Toothpick

A good meal eaten is the one where you do not have to ask for a toothpick afterwards, won’t you agree?

Everyone loves eating; after all, it is one of the factors keeping humans alive. But certain foods possess characteristics that get you thinking about their purpose of existence, thanks to their habit of being a ‘pain between your teeth’.

Dentists often advice people to keep away from certain foods as their teeth are vulnerable.

Here is a list of foods that stick to teeth, but you still won’t give them up as they are delectable and bring you the much-needed gastronomic satisfaction – 


Spinach can easily get stuck between teeth

Spinach can easily get stuck between teeth

Popeye is the first word that comes to one’s mind when they think of spinach. The cartoon character ate his spinach got ripped and beat the living daylights out of the antagonist Bluto. Adults like spinach, but it has the disadvantage of at times getting stuck between teeth. Paint a picture where you are talking with your crush and inadvertently have a fibre of spinach showing.

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