Jumping On The Empty Bottle? Know If You Are Child-Like And How It Can Be Useful To You

Benefits of being childlike – If you can relate to any of these and yearn to go back to your childhood, you have had some of the best childhood moments and are still much child-like.

Great artists are always known to be still connected to their habits they had as a child.

Every child is a great artist but as we grow up, we tend to disconnect with the child within us and hence we lose our creative zeal.

Here are some ways to know if you still love to be rooted to your child-like self:

  1. Do you still like to be called by your nicknames and like to address others with funny nicknames too? (you maybe teasing your friends with nicknames while they are at you)
  2. Have you as a full-grown adult pressed all the buttons on the lift panel after you have reached the floor you wanted to? (Hoping nobody saw you doing that)
  3. You still replay game levels on your computer when you are about to lose just the way you did1 when you were about to get defeated on your video game. (Remember the brick game?)
  4. Do you still have the feeling like the raindrops are up to a race when they roll down the window of your office? (You may even go up to the window which raindrop wins)
  5. You look at the moon again and again while driving your car as you still have the notion somewhere in the back of your mind that it is following you. (You are not alone. I too love to look at the moon and see if it is following me from behind the tree while I am on a moving vehicle)
  6. You purposely close the fridge slowly to see when the lights turn off. (You still get amazed at how the lights turn on and off in a jiffy)
  7. You may still be doing this all the time – walking into a room, forgot what you needed, walked out and then remember what you had gone inside the room for. (Happens to me a lot!)
  8. Do you still play with the switch of your bedside lamp trying to turn it on and off? (Unbelievable how you are still trying to balance the switch between on/off modes).
  9. You still play with your pens a lot thinking of that one pen with four different colours, for which you tried pressing all the buttons at once. (Don’t tell me you still remember all the colours- are they red, blue, green and black?)
  10. You love making paper boats and wait for the rains to log the front of your house or maybe your backyard. (you can carry paper boats along with you or make it as soon as you see water-logging on the roads)


If you can relate to any of these and yearn to go back to your childhood, you have had some of the best childhood moments and are still much child-like.

There are many benefits of being child-like. Even highly creative adults would want to learn from a child. As adults, our creativity is based on assumptions such as creativity is unrestrained and so, for artists, it is difficult to be grounded in reality. But, as children we are much less self-controlled and thus our creativity knows no bounds. A child can create the whole world with simple things in nature.

On this children’s day, the child within you shall pledge to be a child always and never grow up.

You have now got the answer to the most asked question in childhood:

What do you want to become when you grow up? A child again.

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