Here’s The Inspiring Story Of Sun Pharma Founder Dilip Sanghvi

dilip sanghvi

Maverick, Risk taker and People’s man – these adjectives aptly personifies the self-made richest man of India– Dilip Shanghvi.

His enormous appetite for risk and never say never attitude escalated him to numero uno position.

This Pharma magnate surpassed Mukesh Ambani as India’s wealthiest man and he has also been named in the list of Asia’s top ten wealthiest self-made billionaires. And that’s not an easy feat.

Let us have a look at his journey of this leader extraordinaire :

Who is Dilip Sanghavi?

Dilip Sanghavi- the first generation entrepreneur, is chairman and managing director of Sun Pharma Advanced Research Co Ltd.

He has a net worth of Rs. 1.25 lakh crores according to Bloomberg Billionaire Index. Recently he dethroned Mukesh Ambani whose estimated net worth is 1.23 lakh crore.

Humble beginning

Dilip was born in a middle-class family and hails from a small town of Amreli, Gujarat. He completed his education by receiving Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calcutta.

He started his career as drug distributor and later he thought what every other service man thinks that’s to start his own business

27-year-old Shanghvi, borrowed Rs10,000 from his father to lay the foundation of his first company Sun Pharma in Vapi in the year 1982.

What Led To The Success?

Sun Pharma’s growth and success can be attributed to his acquisition tactic and people management skills.

He has this unique skill to turn around companies which are in distress.

As mentioned, he steered growth due to his ability to take calculative risks. His first acquisition was in 1996 when he took over Knoll Pharma and this takeover led to more expansions.

And later he went on to acquire or JV more 19-20 companies including famous loss making firms not only in India but also overseas. Take over of companies like Israel based Taro, US based Carao Pharma and India based Ranbaxy made Sun Pharma a big player in international as well as in the domestic market.

A Great Leader For Young Folks

This trailblazer faced many roadblocks on his way to success but he steered his firm to success and now his organization is India’s largest drug maker and most valuable drug firm.

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