Why Taking A Sabbatical From Work Is Important

We all need a break sometimes. Mind you, it’s not an option but a requirement.

When I looked through the meaning of sabbatical in the dictionary, I assumed it to be a thing for the aged. It’s been two years since I’ve been working now. Never had I thought about the desperation a newly graduated candidate, that would include the wish to travel the world or burn out their executive spending extended time with pals or a budding entrepreneur taking sometime off one passion to pursue another passion of his. I think, by now you’d have guessed what am I talking about. Here’s why we all, irrespective of the age group we belong to, need a sabbatical from work…

1. Productivity without break

We often tend to think that not taking a break from work, results in more output and lesser wastage of time. However, this does not stand true always. You need to have a refreshed mind, body and soul as this has a direct impact on your work output. Taking regular breaks allows you physical and mental rest to revive your potential at the best optimum level.

2. Influence on personal life

How taking a break from the monotonous routine can benefit your personal life is something all of us are familiar with. To be a happy person, you need to take time out for your family which requires work, sacrifice, time and love. You might be already aware of the fact that stress and anger reduces our span of life. Taking a sabbatical and spending time with your family, without the interruptions of daily grind can rejuvenate and liberate you of all the stress. After all you, need time outs too, right?

3. New experiences

I don’t really think that seeing the world is a big think. Because you can anyday, sit back at home, with a bowl of popcorn and watch National Geographic. Experiencing is the word. Try staying in a surrounding which you’re not familiar with. Go out with newly made friends or starngers and feel the difference. Document your journey with photographs and inhale the freshness that just whipped into your life. Whoosh…

4. Guilt is a big no-no

Just like the technology you’re so used to, you need to update and re- boot your system. Maybe, a registry flush as well. You need to energize, find new inspirations and get motivated. So, whatever reason you choose to take up, keep one thing in mind. Never, feel guilty about taking a sabbatical. Your life, your rules. So don’t give yourself a chance to say, “I wish, I had…”

We all need a break sometimes. Mind you, it’s not an option but a requirement. Whether you take a vacation, a stay-cation, or a play-cation, it’s important to take a break from your daily, monotonous routine to fulfill the ‘demands’ of life. Happy Vacation!


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