Giving movement to still life: Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists work their magic where even surgery could not do much. They not only heal pain, they help people with almost disfunctional limbs to get cured.

Recently, I saw a doctor for the persisting shoulder pain that was giving me sleepless nights. It was not going whatever painkillers I took. Then my doctor prescribed me to see a physiotherapist.

For those who don’t know, physiotherapy is a science that seeks to alleviate movement dysfunction and promote optimal health and functions of the human body through exercises and/or therapies, using heat, wax and electricity.

Entering inside the physiotherapy centre of Indian Spinal Injuries Institute (ISIC), Delhi, I was quite skeptical about the results that I wished to see. But it was soon gone when I saw almost hundred patients receiving treatment from physiotherapists. It meant that people did find physiotherapy helpful.

The physiotherapist did a detailed prognosis understanding the pain and then prescribed physiotherapy action. It was a seven day session and now my shooting pain is gone. It was a magical touch which not only healed me, in my seven days there in the morning, I saw a number severely disfunctioned patients who were getting better.

This brings us to the point that there are still less physiotherapists in India. And becoming a physiotherapist is a good option.

Physical therapists practise in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, private clinics and sports centres. They may also find work as specialist researchers with research centres in India and abroad.

For becoming a physiotherapist, you need to have compassion and patience of treating people. Each patient demands a different set of time for their ailment and because they are physically deformed/troubled you have to give your full attention and help to one patient for longer periods. It also needs physical stamina for providing exercises to people. Efforts to help clinically ill patients may leave you exhausted at the end of the day.

In a central government hospital, the gross salary of an entry-level physiotherapist is Rs25,000 a month (Pay band 2). The maximum gross salary is Rs75,000 a month for someone with a chief physiotherapist’s rank, but this depends on experience. The entry-level pay in the private sector is almost the same which grows with experience.

For becoming a physiotherapist, you will have to take science in Class 12. After this, you will have to go for a bachelors in physiotherapy/ physical therapy. Depending on your interest and career goals, you may specialise at the postgraduate level.

Institutes and URLs  

. Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Institute for the Physically Handicapped, New Delhi www.iphnewdelhi.in

. Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh www.pgimer.nic.in

. KEM Hospital and Seth GS Medical College, Mumbai www.kem.edu

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