Four Top Ways To Deal With Client Tantrums


Clients are hard to handle – especially those that tend to never be happy with your work – no matter how many versions of it you give them.

That’s when you tend to loose your mind and end up doing things that will lead to losing your contract with the client.

To avoid this, there are few things you could easily handle Client Tantrums and make your relationship stronger with the client better:

  1. Call the client: Yes, call the client – speak to them to understand what they need. E-mails are a whole other level of miscommunication and sometimes you end up doing more than required. Having a conversation with your client not only helps you but also with the questions you ask them, your client also is more sure of their needs and requirements.
  1. Sarcasm: Some of us are good at shooting sarcastic lines without hurting the clients. But more than majority end up pissing off the client. To avoid this, tone down your voice, especially in mails – but if you feel that the client is overdoing their part, then take a stand and support your work in the nicest manner saying things like – Why don’t you try this way and see? If it doesn’t work out I can take responsibility for it. This not only makes it easier for you but the client starts having more confidence in your work cause of your confidence in your work.
  1. Start fresh: One project being a burden shouldn’t let you see the entire upcoming projects with that client in the same manner. See it in a manner that the client needs more creativity – this means you are their creative person and you are about to get better at what you do. Never let old issues with the client crop up again and avoid this by keeping certain pointers in mind as to what the client requirements are like always.
  1. Don’t throw your tantrums at them: Unfair as it sounds, they always throw tantrums at you but do not do the same with them. This not only makes it worse for you to face them later, but also delays the work you do for them. It affects your creativity at the end of the day.

Clients are always a headache for us, but remember that we are also clients to them.

They might feel that we don’t give them the importance they need for what they pay you. And you could feel vice versa. It is alright to face tantrums from them.

No matter how much work they have pulled from you, how many days and nights they have bothered you with calls, it has all the more improved your level of efficiency and you have your clients to be thankful for that.

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