How To Choose A Career According To Your Personality

Career according to personality

Career according to personality – Have you ever given it a thought that the reason you are not able to accomplish tasks at work could be because of the difference in your personality and your work profile?

How do you decide about a certain thing or come to conclusions? And in what way do you oversee a particluar situation at work?

A recent research shows that people who choose to work in an environment similar to their personality type are more likely to be successful and satisfied, as compared to those who don’t. But again, the proper definition of successful depends from person to person. There are those for whom job satisfaction is the biggest thing and then there are those for whom money and ambition is prior to job satisfaction.

While it is necessary for you to form a concrete base during your college days, post your graduation you could go for something which you’d love to do. Generally your ohysical and skill requirement tend to affect your career choice, however, times are changing and so are the job trends. It is important for you to make an appropriate career choice today, as that will not just affect your financial status but will also make an impact on the quality of life you lead. Here are a few personality traits and what career could suit them the best.

Career according to personality –

Extrovert or Outgoing personality:

If you love hanging out with friends and strangers, you are someone who is outgoing. Even though you are experienced in a certain field, sitting in a closed cubicle for eight hours whole day is not what you’d want to do. Consider a career which involves travelling. If you have an MBA, you could go for sales ro marketing. Because you are friendly and outgoing, you could turn out to be a good counsellor or healthcare provider.

Artistic personality:

You’re blessed to have perfected the artistic skill within you. Maybe you studied science during graduation and are working as a scientist or engineer at some organization. But what gives you satisfaction is exploring your skill and expressing it in a particluar form. You could try being a writer, dancer, actor, composer, cartoonist, painter, designer and even a teacher, depending on what satisfies you the most.

Leader-type personality:

You love leading the team more than working with the team. You love making decisions and telling others what is in the best interest of the project or the situation. Consider a career in marketing, as the changing trends needs to be observed and it is a people-oriented career. Managerial jobs are also good for you.

Analytical personality:

You don’t just go with the flow. More than being satisfied with the result, you believe in how did the result show up. Well, you seem to be perfect for a research job. Opting for a career that involves research and finding would be the best for you.

These are the ways you can career according to personality – Choosing a career that involves all your needs including personality type and expectations is difficult. Yet once you’re successful in finding one, you’re likely to be more stable and give your best performance.

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