Career As A Wine Sommelier: Serving Right Flavor And Taste To Right Person

Being a wine taster is an interesting job. We tell you all about making a career as a wine taster.

Since a long time, wines were just a part of the alcohol menu in India, with nobody to recommend the guests what they should drink with the menu.

But with the changing times, wine has become a part of the menu for the Indian menu.

Being a wine taster is an interesting job. But being a qualified wine sommelier does not come from your reading about wines. Having a good knowledge about the manufacturing, contents used and quality is an important thing as well. We tell you all about making a career as a wine taster.


There is no course as such which gives you a professional degree in wine tasting. However, there are courses which has wines as a major subject. The subject gives you a detailed information about manufacturing, packaging, tasting, contents, and all that is essential to be a wine taster. Courses such as hotel management and hospitality management are some of those.

Job prospects

An increasing number of Indian youth are finding wine tasting as a lucrative offbeat career. Working as a wine sommelier may still be at a nascent stage in India, but is globally identified as a high earning career. Studies indicate that India’s wine market is growing at a fast pace. Institutions are being setup for students interested in courses. Jobs are being offered in freelance wine tasting to cocktail making, mixing experts and company sommeliers.

Pay package

A wine taster earns as much as 15,000 INR to 150,000 INR, depending on the phoase of career he/she is in. During the internship days, a trainee earns around 10,000 INR.

Pros and Cons

P: high salary, passion career, travelling

C: initial struggle required, still at nascent stage in India

If you’re a wine person, imagine how amazing would it be if someone paid you for tasting a glass of wine every day. Wine tasting may not sound as a run-on-the-mill profession, but if you’re someone who can identify the brand and major content of a wine bottle without having a look at it, this thing is totally for you.

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