You’re Never Going To Make It Through If You Wear These To A Job Interview

What to wear at job interview – You might be quite sure of what you look and feel confident in, which is why we suggest what you should never wear to a job interview.

While going for an interview, you want to leave no stones unturned to impress your hiring manager, to bag the job.

You may not have given it a thought, but your attire to an interview matters more than what you might have thought of.

Because women have a number of options to choose from, they seldom end up going for the improper one, and in turn lose their opportunity.

You might be quite sure of what you look and feel confident in, which is why we suggest what you should never wear to a job interview.  

Skin-showing top


You’re going to an interview, not on a date. So even if you feel that a li’l skin show is okay, let me remind you that hiring managers aren’t really fond of they who don’t mind showing some skin on the day of interview. It will turn off your interviewer, and at the same time will minimize your chances of getting that job.

Men, try behaving like a gentleman, and button your shirt up to the collar. Use tie for a better professional look.

Wrinkled attire


Wrinkles on your attire gives your recruiting manager an idea of how unprepared you are for the interview. You need not wear designer clothes to an interview. But make sure that whatever you wear is neat and well ironed. That makes you look prepared, and that you took the effort to decide what makes you look professional.



If you’ve applied for a position that involves more of a creative role, you may wear sneakers. Though sneakers make you look quirky, it also makes you look immature and lazy. As if you didn’t bother to wear a nice, formal pair of shoes. Nope. Too casual for a job interview.

Anything distracting/ill fitting


Wearing an outfit that has been tailored to suit your body type is the best thing you can do to your personality, for a job interview. Avoid wearing any ill-fitted clothes, even though it falls in the category of formals. You won’t be comfortable and above all, it might make you look under confident.

Red lipstick


Best thing to wear to a date or occasion, worst to a job interview. You do not want to intimidate your interviewer wearing the red-carpet look for a black chair. A lip balm or natural shade lipstick would be the best.

Too many accessories


Jewellery makes a style statement when you’re in a party or when you’re surrounded by a number of people. Avoid all the jingly-jangly stuff you’ve in your closet when you’re dressing for an interview.

It is also suggested that you wear a mild cologne instead of a strong one. In any case you do not want the interviewer to be uncomfortable while sitting with you.

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