5 Ways You Can Handle Your Work From Home Schedule Effectively And Boost Your Productivity

How to boost productivity while working from home – We share a few ways to take out of the shut-in feeling and boost your productivity, while working from home.

With the advent of technology companies have been allowing employees the choice to work from home, to increase productivity.

However, not always does a work-from-home job is effective enough to boost your inertia.

A number of professionals out their prefer working at office locations, because of the deviations they face at home, me being one of them. The procedure is great but it often feels like being an involuntary shut in. Because you stay at home all day and night, your inertia to work gets affected.

We share a few ways to take out of the shut-in feeling and boost your productivity, while working from home.

Multiple workstations

Sitting at one place all the time might end up generating the fear of sitting there after work hours. The best solution you can apply here is by dividing your tasks into a few groups, and performing them at different locations at home. For instance, if you’re expected to send in three articles to an online publisher in a day, write down each of the articles at different spots at your home- maybe in the balcony, living room, and the garden.

Outdoor lunch breaks

It is always tempting to eat your lunch at the lunch desk.

However, it is as much important to take breaks from your work , as it is to dine during the day. If you have the option to, try eating your lunch or snacks without looking at the screens. The screens include that of your PC, TV, laptop and even your phone. Because staring at the screen making your eyes stressed and dreary, take a break and walk down your apartment.

More is the movement, higher will be the flow of blood and more will you brain rack themselves.

Other errands

Your lunch break is just the beginning of the off-times you’re going to need during the day. Work during your most productive hours, and use a bit of time in the middle of the day to get out of the house. Go to the ration shop or take a stroll in a nearby park during the day.

I agree, that going out and running other errands may not be possible for everyone who works from home, but taking a walk out increases your productivity for sure.

Power productivity hours

When at work, I feel extremely lazy during a specific period of time- within thirty minutes of having my lunch. I prefer taking a power nap for about twenty minutes, post which I am all energized and ready to start again.

I call that my power productivity hours as I get all re-energized to get back to work again.

Assign boundaries

No doubt that there are a number of distractions when you are working from home, unless you’re alone; not even then in some cases. It’s better to assign boundaries to those who stay back with you at home, and to yourself as well. Break you day’s work into parts and assign yourself timed targets, so that you run on a proper schedule.

When working from home, you get paid for the number of productivity hours you put in. The more you work effectively, the better will you be paid. 

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