6 Essentials For Women That’ll Help Them Leave A Lasting Impression In A Job Interview

We suggest a few things that could make women look impressive and confident in an interview.

There was a time when people, irrespective of being male or female, used to wear only suits for interviews.

However, with changing times, trends have changed.

You want to leave no stones unturned when it comes to impressing your hiring manager.

So, what you wear to a job interview might be more important than you think, because that is your first impression on the recruiting manager.

While women have a lot of options to choose from, it is advised that you choose an attire you look the most confident in.

We suggest a few things that could make you look impressive and confident in an interview.

Cat eye glasses

As the name suggests, the glasses are framed in the shape of a cat’s eye. They are the latest trend and look particularly nice on faces with highlighted cheekbones. Also, they tend to make you look trendy and beautiful without an eye makeup.

Knee length/Long skirts

Skirts have been a trend in the industry since decades. While knee length skirts make you look professional and trendy, long skirts are comfortable and make you appear lissom. A-line skirts have also made a comeback in the corporate industry, only to offer you a wide range of attire to choose from.

Statement dress

Although it’s important that your interview attire be professional and make you look confident, not all dresses are meant to worn to an interview. With a dress that has a subtle color and requires you to wear no accessory, you might end up leaving a modest impression on the interviewer. A statement dress is called so, because it makes you look attractive, keeping in mind the necklines and hemlines.

V-neck sweater

Dress your top up with a black or beige pants or skirts and pull over a v-neck sweater for a versatile look. The best part about this combination is that, it can be worn to an interview, irrespective of the industry you wish to work in.

Wrap blouse

A wrap blouse makes you look elegant, and can be worn with slacks, slim fitting trousers or pencil skirts. You could also add a waist belt to it for a touch of detail that makes you look confident.

Subtle accessories

One of the most important things to be kept in mind while dressing for an interview is to use sober accessories. There could also be times when your attire does not require accessorizing at all. For example, using anything with a black knee length dress would be extra, as the dress itself is subtle enough. A uni-colored beaded neckpiece would look good, or pearls- which is one of the oldest trends in the industry.

Look subtle, sound confident, and of’course talk about what you are there for.

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