8 Signs That Prove You Are Probably A Bad Employee At Work

Bad Employee

“Signs of a bad employee”

First thing foremost; Employees are like a valuable asset of a company and they hold the key to success.

On the other half, every boss wants an employee who is self motivated, punctual, hard-working and obviously smart in his work. And, no doubt at the end of the day an employee is often judged by his qualities and interest in work. Agree?

Well, once you’ve started working a “good or bad” employee is always a big question. Isn’t it?  But, seriously in which category do you even fall?

Hey, if you are willing to get a proper feedback based on this question then here are some of the signs that will help you in knowing whether you are a bad employee. Surprisingly, if none of the signs falls in your list then no doubt you’re on the right track.

Check out the Signs of a bad employee:-

  1. Poor Time Management

Like every other kid you’ve also been taught about this lesson called “Time Management”. Right? So, are you even following this rule in your office too?

If an employee is coming up late and always leaving home early by keeping half of the work for next day then it is a bad sign of an employee.

  1. Irresponsibility

If you are not giving utmost importance to the work you should maintain then you’re probably one bad employee. (Yes!) Leaving up the work or handling it over to another person shows how irresponsible you are towards your own work.

  1. Not Meeting deadlines

If you are not completing your work at an exact given time then frankly you are creating a bad reputation for yourself in company. Meeting a deadline is almost like meeting a commitment and if you’re failing to do so then genuinely it is a sign of a bad employee.

  1. Chatterbox and Less work

If you are keen into doing less work even though you should complete your full assignment then it’s a thumbs down. And, also if you only love gossiping then no wonder it brings down your reputation.

  1. Over confident

No doubt, self-confidence is needed a lot. Yes, take a note I said “self-confidence” and not “over-confidence”.

Having an over confidence like “you know each and everything or no one can beat you”- is nothing but crap. You can surely be good in some specific terms of work but feeling over confident about everything is a no-no.

  1. Escaping work

A person who is always looking for a way to get rid of his/her own work is a sign that shows you are less interested in doing work and more focused on the day to end.

Actually this gives a clear sign that you’re not honest with your work.

  1. Too Selfish

Not helping the colleagues in their work when needed is a point of selfishness and everybody sees it; even the boss can keep an eye on such things. If you don’t get along well with your colleagues then it’s a bad sign too.

  1. Complaining

One important bad sign that employees show is complaining about the unexpected work that comes up. For e.g. a project that needs to be completed right away is always done with less interest or say almost delayed by complaining.

This one acts like running away from job responsibilities.


Do you fall in the category of a bad employee?

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