If You Have Ever Owned A Bike, You Must Have Done These 5 Wacky Things

Most bike owners have innumerable memories attached to their bikes, especially the first one. We collate 5 such memories that most bike owners would relate to.

Biking is a common craze for most youngsters. They dream of owning a bike, even before they get eligible to get a driving licence.

While some teenagers wish to zoom past the traffic on their two-wheeler, others fantasize taking their date on their motorbike.

The first motorcycle or bike or any other two-wheeler is always special for its owner, as he or she has many unforgettable moments associated with it.

We list 5 zany memories that almost every youngster would relate to, regarding his or her first bike.

1)  First Date:

While in high school most boys wish to look ‘cool’. Owning a bike is one such element that adds to this ‘coolness!’ Even the girls would want to go on a date with a guy who owns a sleek bike. Hence, most bike owners would have beautiful memories of their first date, attached to their bike.


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