Hey You the Mountain Rider! Catch The Thrill But Play Safe! It’s Your Life!

Riding a bike on a mountain road is never easy. You have to be careful and alert. Here are some tips to help you cross the difficult roads successfully.

Trips to mountainous terrains are one of the finest ways to enjoy a bike ride.

For the adventurous motorcycle riders, trips to mountains are tempting. But if you are used to ride on flat roads there are various things that you need to take care of for your mountain trips. For instance, how do you use the brake while riding downwards?

It is quite important that in the mountains you ride through a corner. The roads are curvy and the scenes outstanding. Hence it becomes all the more necessary for the riders to be careful. To make your trips a success you require few tips that will really help you through.

Here’s a list of 10 riding tips for the mountain trip:

1. Dealing with Gusts of Wind

As a rider you might be unaware of the strong cross winds unless it suddenly catches you unawares. This kind of wind will always catch you on the windward side of the mountain. This is one of the primary safety tips for riders. You cannot fight nature but you can definitely take measures. The best solution is not to ride along the side of the lane.

2. Reduced Engine Performance

Generally, the modern day motorbikes are armed with fuel injection and do not lose power at higher altitudes. If you own a carbureted bike meant for lower elevation then the power of the engine might decrease as you ride higher and the air thins. This results in diminishing the bike’s performance of overtaking other vehicles that are ascending the mountain. On steep inclines, even the bikes with fuel injection lose some efficiency. So you got to be ready for this while out on that mountain trip.

3. Temperature Changes

Prepare yourself for sudden falls in temperature while touring the mountains. As you move through one hill and another, the temperature can alter drastically. At the base it may be in triple digits but at the summit it is enough to freeze you. You should be dressed for the part before you start with the ascent. Electric vests with varying temperature controller will be quite helpful while dealing with such varying temperatures.

4. Blind Curves

These are indispensable part of your mountain trips. Do look out for the blind curves while riding through these roads. While riding on the right hand curves it is best to leave space between the yellow line and you so that you can keep a tab on the oncoming vehicles from the opposite side.

5. Exposure to Extreme Weather Changes

Thunderstorms and snowfall are some of the weather conditions that you should be beware of. There are many mountainous regions where there no shelters. The best way is to know the weather patterns before you set out for the mountain trip.

Here are five tips to help you conquer the uneven terrain of the mountain roads. We still have five more to share with you; do follow this space for updates.

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