The Food For Hunger During Odd Hours

The food for hunger at night when you are in college, What to eat when you are hungry during odd hours, when not even fast food restaurants deliver food at night

It was a lazy weekend.

My cousin had come over to stay with me for the weekend as she feared that I might get scared with the faintest sound of an insect (my roommate had left for her hometown). Bored with the monotonous routine of our lives we talked until late night. That , I guess is the beauty of having a sister. You can gossip all night and still not get done with the newest of the news.

Quite obvious it is that, having talked for a long time, you would feel the need to munch on something. So did we. Unfortunately, we did not have any stock of either two or five minutes ready-to-eat preparations with us. While we were searched for a twenty four hour home delivery restaurants in my area, hunger pounced onto us as if we hadn’t eaten since long. Thankfully, we dialled a number which was ready to deliver food at that hour and our happiness reached no bounds. I am quite sure that you’d be familiar with the feeling.

KK Rolls and Condiments, I remembered, was not really a place where you would find a big crowd. Their rolls were one of a kind, something which you wouldn’t find easily in a place like Mumbai, yet their major customers were people of our age, students and corporates. We called for a Chicken kaati roll, Veg Schewan roll and their special preparation Chicken burnt garlic mayo roll. Frankly speaking, the special preparation was literally their special preparation.

Every single bite was of the mayo roll was relishing. While we took the first bite, mayo dripped out in the covering on the other side. I can’t really describe the feeling of having that food at that hour. With every bite we took, we thanked the owner of the place. Guess, he would have received a number of wishes, for I am sure that whoever digged into those rolls, couldn’t have resisted from thanking him.

God! What would have happened to people like us, if it weren’t for these midnight delivery restaurants.

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