Suicide is Problem For Your Family, Not Solution For Your Problem

Depression and Happiness are part and parcel of life. There are times when our fate brings us to a saturation point and we want to end our lives. One thing must be considered that this numb heart and a chaotic mind are results of your own tunnel view and considerably wrong perception towards things. To begin with, nothing is worth your while when it costs your mental peace and smile, to say the least.

But this is a one sided judgment for we can’t comprehend other’s extent of peril sitting here. Probing into the general suicidal tendency however, experts have found out that Indian youth takes this galactically atrocious decision being smothered by the expectation of their parents and the society. Furthermore, they tend to seek the lacking peace from random romantic alliances which also sometimes lacerate at their confidence. Then there are harassment in the workplace, sexual harassment, failure to achieve dreams et al are the driving force behind the serial suicides.

Research says, at least 8000 people commit suicide worldwide every year among which a figurative 17% belong from India. The methods are different so are the reasons but it brings the same misfortune for the families concerned.

No, we are not here to drop pearls of wisdom and pass on misty-eyed life philosophies, but one thing for sure, suicide never solves any problem because retrieving your life from sparse should always be your challenge come hell or high water. What is life without challenges?

No problem comes without a solution only you need the patience to seek it. There is always psychological, legal, professional help that you can seek in case of a dilemma without taking this extreme step. Or, simply can turn to people who always have your back. Have you ever wondered how devastating it will be for your parents to see you dead?

There is nothing good or bad, it is our thinking that makes it so. Life is simple like flowing water and we only make it complex. If we complicate things, we die a thousand deaths inside everyday which is way more painful than killing oneself one day. We choose suffering or the dreadful climax; either way we are losers because life is full of possibilities and giving up in trying times or locking yourself in the past bars you from the rewards of life.

No matter if this phase of life has brought tears, those will dry someday. There is a saying by the great philosopher Aristotle “ You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream” . So, make up your mind on what you want to make of yourself instead of putting an end to this blessing called life. By ending your life you will only attract God’s antipathy and not to say, odious woes for your parents. Think again!

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