You Must Know These 5 Things If You Want To Be A Bachelor of Computer Applications!


“I think computer viruses should count as life… I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive. We’ve created life in our own image.” – Stephen Hawking

I thought twice whether or not to include this quote in my article, but the temptation of including my favourite quote on computers was one that was difficult to resist. Scroll through the list of computer quotes on any website, and you would find plenty of witty and sarcastic ones. Humour aside, computers are being used everywhere today – from the defence industry to design arms, to being used in the medical field for surgery, and so on.

And that’s the potential reason that so many students across India apply for BCA ( Bachelor Of Computer Applications ) every year.

If you are one of those who have an eye for BCA, you must know these 5 imperative things which can answer all your FAQs!

1.Let’s first find out what exactly is BCA? 

In layman terms, if ‘Computer Science’ or ‘Informatics Practices’ (a subject that is a part of CBSE’s higher secondary school curriculum) evoked your interest at school, or computer programming wasn’t a rocket science for you, this three year undergraduate course might just be for you! It teaches and trains students to become programmers/ developers, networking professionals, and to work with software companies. You can say that it is a three years under-graduate program which is equivalent to a Bachelor of Technology course.To give you a feel of BCA, the syllabus includes object oriented programming, mobile computing and mathematics. BCA is designed to produce graduates who have the necessary skills and knowledge not only in computer and information technology, but also in communication, organization, and management too.

Students who study BCA get well versed in programming languages such as Java, C+, HML, and SQL. They are also quite knowledgeable in various computer applications and the latest developments in IT and communication systems.

2.The Prerequisites for Pursuing BCA Degree

As of the current status of the IT (Information & Technology) industry, B.Tech (in Computer Science Engineering) graduates seem to be given more weightage than BCA ones, but the former academic degree can only be pursued by science students (Those with science stream in higher secondary school), while students irrespective of the senior secondary school stream can do BCA.

3.What Is The Way Forward After BCA? 

This academic degree should ideally be followed with MCA (Master of Computer Applications), the three year professional master’s degree, to boost its value in the industry. One can also pursue an MBA, but unless they want to change their industry by specializing in a concentration area such as human resource management or marketing, it is not recommended.

4.Best Universities In India To Pursue BCA

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about this course. I have compiled a list of top universities and institutes in India that are known for their BCA education. It is in no particular order.

  1. Christ University, Bangaluru, Karnataka
  2. Institute of Management Studies (IMS), Noida
  3. Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research (SICSR), Pune, Maharashtra
  4. Presidency College, Bangaluru, Karnataka
  5. Madras Christian College (MCC), Chennai, Tamil Nadu

5.What Are The Career Prospects After BCA – Bachelor of Computer Applications

BCA graduates are hired as programmers and developers by various IT services providers and software companies. As a BCA graduate, one has the capacity to implement and address the needs of so many companies, in terms of IT systems and computer science requirements, and this makes them a valuable candidate for them. If you are still not sure about what your career options are, let me give you some insights on the matter. Basically, once you complete the three-year BCA program, you can start out your career as a junior programmer in various IT companies and grow to senior positions as with experience. You can also work as a software developer or a software engineer. There are also BCA graduates who work as bank officers and clerks. One can work in both private firms and the government sectors.

Many BCA graduates also decide to work in the BPO industry, which is actually a good move since it is a growing industry and career advancement opportunities here are endless. However, in order to get better prospects, it is advisable that you pursue higher education, such as getting a Masters degree (MCA). Doing so would make you better qualified for senior positions that offer better pay.

So here I have covered almost everything that can give you a clear insight if you are planning to pursue a BCA degree. Hope this helps you completely.

You can thank me later! 😀

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