The Hare And The Tortoise Returns: What Do We Get To Learn From The Sequel

We talk of sequel to the famous ‘Hare and Tortoise’ story and about the moral it would teach us, in today’s fast pacing world.

Know of the Hare and Tortoise story, where the hare challenges the tortoise to a race and it is the tortoise who finally wins?

Of course you do.

The story is perhaps the first thing we are taught about, in kindergarten. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ is the moral. Now that, most of the movies made in Bollywood have a sequel or two, why should our timeless classic be left behind. We talk of sequel to the famous ‘Hare and Tortoise’  story and about the moral it would teach us, in today’s fast pacing world.

Talking of present times, when we really think about what happened in the story, it makes us think about a number of versions to add to the story. But the question that emerges is, if the moral of the story remains the same having added all those versions? Even in todays’ fast advancing world would the one who is slow and steady win or the one who is as fast as changing trends. We take a look at either of the perspectives.

The moral of the story remains same to an extent where we talk about the growth of a professional; growth in personal terms like career and achievements in a particular span of time. But when we talk of an individual’s pace, we need to move according to the changing demands of our career. Being slow and steady is not sufficient to achieve your goals today. You need to grow and implement changes in your plans according to the demand of your professional life.

The Sequel

The initial story ended with the tortoise reaching the finish line while the hare dozed off under a tree. The hare felt really bad about his loss, as he had all the competencies to win, yet lost, because of his overconfident and careless attitude. Done with his analysis and well acquainted with his weaknesses, the hare again challenges the tortoise for another race. He ran without stopping this time and won. The tortoise, on realizing that it’s not easy to make the hare lose, thought of a different thing. He asked the hare to race with him for a third time, only the route would be different. The hare ran non-stop again, but to his dismay, he needed to cross over a water body to reach the finish line. The tortoise in the meanwhile crosses the river body and wins the race again.

The story gets a twist when the hare and the tortoise both together are challenged by a jackal, to cross the same route. Only this time, they both work as a team. The hare helps the tortoise reach the river bank much faster and the tortoise helps the hare cross the river bank. And they beat the jackal with some extra time in hand.

Conclusion of the sequel

  • Failure is a part of life. You learn when you fail and you get success only when you learn from your failures.
  • Giving up is no solution to your failures. Rather standing back and using it as a stepping stone to success, is what you’re expected to do.
  • Teamwork never fails. You know it, I know it and the world knows it. Blending all of your team’s competencies will make you touch greater heights

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