Introvert? Let These Apps Speak For You

We suggest apps for those who prefer to share and talk about things only with a certain group of people who share a similar thinking.

College isn’t all about fun, friends and games, unless you want it to be.(wink) In a dependent-on-technology world, while a majority of us, choose from plethora of apps to group chat, video chat, locate, dressing up and what not, there are apps for those who prefer to share and talk about things only with a certain group of people who share a similar thinking. Let’s take a look at few of them


More of a social network for people who wish to express themselves, connect with others who share a similar thinking and discover the inexperienced world around them. With this app, you can share your thoughts and emotions in a community which is not fake. How is it different from other social networks? Well, with Whisper you can share and reply to anybody in your community with anonymous whispers, which is why this platform does not really have fake profiles. You can also browse whispers that interests you the most.

Availibilty: iOS, Android


If you’re an introvert (like me), you know what is the biggest issue you have? You don’t know what to talk about, with unknown people…and that’s when the recently launched app, YoTurf, comes into play. It connects you to Turfers who are in your vicinity and who share the same interests as you.

For example, if you and I love football and are in close proximity, we would be connected. It’s the ideal ice-breaker as when you meet people for the first time, you wouldn’t know what to talk to them. But if you have some interests in common, you can easily chat them up.

Availibilty: iOS, will be out on Android in May.

Anime Amino

Developed by Narvii Inc., this app is absolute fun to use. Amino allows you to create an avatar of yourself and open up on conversation without getting recognized. From making friends from around the world to creating blogs to start a public poll and opinion piece, this app is for those who want the world to know their nature via their designed avatars. Cool no?

Availibility: iOS


Now didn’t we all just love the Jeanie show? BeeTalk isn’t the same but, yes it is quite similar when it comes to illusion. You can look around for new frinds and enjoy enhanced chatting with messages, that disppear later. Yes, you read it right- Disappears, unlike other texting or chatting features you don’t have to exclusively click delete.

Browsing through different profile pictures, if you happen to ‘Like’ any picture, you automatically become friends with the other user. Want to sketch something yourself and send it immediately? Doodle it to your friends. Apart from these, you also get to send unlimited text and voice messages.

Availibility: iOS, Windows, Android

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