Youngisthan’s Campaign To Make India Beggar Free!

Make India Beggar Free

“Make India Beggar Free”

The beggary problem in India never seems to end.

Instead, it is rising day by day (as if it is a profession). The beggars on road are seen asking for money & not just that, their condition looks miserable.

Whether you are going to Mandir, or simply heading towards your work, or standing at a bus stop to return home for that matter, you’ll only hear one voice i.e. “Allah Ke Naam Pe Dede”.

Frankly, whenever I see these beggars roaming to ask money, it makes me feel as if “India is a beggar’s country”.

In terms of donation, India was always known for its unique tradition of donating money. Remember ? But now if it continues to take over by beggars asking for money on the streets, then you can easily picture how India will look like in the coming years.

A scenario which no tourist would love to see nor we Indians. Right?

(Picture this) Whenever we go out & look here & there, all we see is beggars sitting on the corners of the streets, holding bowls in their hands. Well, if this keeps happening then undoubtedly, at some point of time “Beggary problem” will be an incurable disease.

If we see the darker side of beggary, then there are many beggars who easily beg and earn money, only to spend it at night by drinking alcohol etc. This indirectly indicates that “begging” can be considered as source of income.

As of now, beggary problem is rising and many gangs are trying to take its advantage. Firstly, they kidnap small children and tell ‘em to beg and earn money. Even disabled people are forced to do the same thing. Even though the Government had earlier taken an action, it quickly faded away and now the problem is rising too much. It has come to that point where beggars are now being used for bad matters. And somehow, this is only spoiling India’s name.

Therefore, now it’s time to eliminate this beggary problem and take a quick action to make India a “Beggar Free” country. We are proud to say, “Youngisthan” has taken an initiative to eliminate the problem from India. And we also know that our readers will help us spread this message and take an initiative to do the same thing.

Do You Too Want To See A Beggar Free India ?Then Join Us In Our Campaign !
Sign The Petition And Support The Cause!

And thus, we hope that our Government listen to our voices and take a stand to make India beggar free.

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