Why Breastfeeding Should Be ACCEPTED In Public With No Sexual Tag?


Firstly, breastfeeding is absolutely natural and a beautiful thing and should not be considered as some taboo.

But, breastfeeding in public is mostly forbidden. People literally give out negative comments and what is more strange that women too crib about the same.

And to avoid the such attention, mothers have to move to washrooms and other places to feed her baby.

Because of people’s “so-called” theories related to public breastfeeding, many women’s go for bottle feed even though they don’t want to. Many raise question and (we too ) that men’s peeing on roads publicly is fine but just when a mother breastfeeds her child in public why it is ridiculed and looked down upon.

Well, just like the fact “public breastfeeding” is absolutely okay and  it’s time you put the curtains down on all the real meaningless theories that’s been created.

  1. Breastfeeding is IMPORTANT

Agree? Yes, it’s undoubtedly important and natural. Ladies, you don’t need to feel shy and bottle feed your child for that. It’s time you feel confident and do the right thing. And, just to motivate you there are many celebs moms proved this point and became an example to do so. Here are some of them.

Gisele Bundchen: – She proved this point when she shared her picture breastfeeding her child while her glam squad was doing her making.

Alyssa Milano: – Alicia Milano did the same thing as she was feeding her daughter Elizabeth backstage.

Manuela D’Avila: – The recent picture of this Brazilian Minister Manuela D’Avila went viral in which she was seen breastfeeding in National Assembly, Brazil’s parliament.

  1. Breastfeeding babies for six months

All the women’s around the world, this point is to be noted. It’s very important to feed babies for at least six months and even if it’s needed in a public appearance there’s no shying away. The child needs proper nutrition and therefore it should not be avoided in any term- even though it’s all about your flexibility.

  1. Breasts are too sexualised to breast feed in public

This is another rude fact that actually makes mothers  stop and feed their babies. Please let us not sexualise the exposed breasts that happen during breastfeeding. We are awaiting for the change in the mindset of the people. The irony is that there’s a lot of nudity happening around the corner that’s praised in real.

  1. Campaigns

Ladies, all you need to do is take a step forward. As, there are campaigns coming up as well that show full support in this matter and it’s awareness. The campaigns like Free the Nipple, “Breastfeed Anytime Anywhere, “It’s only natural” boost up the confidence in ladies to take on breastfeeding publicly instead of avoiding it.

It is high time we socially accept breast feeding! Thoughts? Drop below in comments below.

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