When Twitteratis Got Smitten By Hindi Hashtag

Jai Hind on Twitter


India has the third largest twitter population in world, but ‘this’ has never happened before. In India, 17% of social media users use twitter and there are 243 million internet users but never has ‘this’ happened before.

Total twitter users in India are 33 million but never has this happened before.

No, we are not exaggerating but we are genuinely overwhelmed, overjoyed, it’s a moment for pride and honour that for the first time ever in history of micro-blogging site twitter, a Hindi hashtag has become a trending topic. The hashtag #जयहिन्द (#JaiHind) has become viral and is still trending.

Well,  history has happened, did you witness it?

But if you haven’t, then just to give you a glimpse. India is a cricket savvy country and 15th Feb was one of the most auspicious day, it was #INDIAVSPAKISTAN. Following Team India’s amazing victory in the opening match of the World Cup 2015 on Sunday, 15 February, all social media platforms in India were flooded with congratulatory messages for the team, which defeated arch- rival Pakistan. India defeated Pakistan for the 6th time in world cup and it was well acknowledged by the hindi hashtag. #जयहिन्द is still trending since some 48 hours of its inception and now another hindi Hashtag #हरहरमहादेव is also trending.

Most importantly it wasn’t done by the right wingers or the left wingers, the Marxists or communists, the seculars or pseudo seculars, BJP or AAP and #Namobhakts or #Aaptards, but by all the Indians who still feel and believe in #Nationfirst. We don’t know who started it and how many people have lent their support for this hashtag but from the bottom of our heart we want to thank you all. We hope that this is just a start and soon we will have many Devnagiri script trending. Many more Indians can happily embrace Twitter, considering that Twitter hashtags are now possible in Devanagari, Bengali and Tamil scripts.


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