Yo Honey! Let’s Get Together! Said Sizzling Sonakshi to Yo Yo Honey!

It is about Sonakshi Sinha’s upcoming video with singer Yo Yo Honey Singh. She has worked hard to transform herself from this chubby looking girl to a hot sexy babe!

Sonakshi Sinha’s all set to rock the b-town with Yo Yo in her hotter and sexier rock-star avatar!

Yes folks, the actress who started her career being a voluptuous beauty featuring in most Indian Avatars has undergone a drastic transformation. Shedding her chubby avatar, she has slipped inside the skin of a hot sexy babe!

In short, she has become a girl from being a woman! Isn’t it delicious?

And to add to all the oozing oomph, she decided to feature in Yo Yo Honey Singh’s next sizzling music video!

Sonakshi definitely has been working hard for a while now and results are here for all to see.

For now, she just posted these pictures on Twitter for her fans while shooting for singer Yo Yo Honey Singh’s next music album. In fact it is not just an album but a kind of an eight-ten minute short film which will feature Honey Singh’s latest songs.

Sona is part of the first song of the series aptly titled for her, Superstar!

All this while we have seen Sonakshi wearing traditional Indian clothes and even if she has worn western attire, it has been more or less conservative. However, all that is passé now! In the video, her whole styling is inspired by none other than the style diva of Hollywood, the sexy Jennifer Lopez! We can see Sonakshi in those hot pants with a tight tee, leather jacket, baseball cap and really high heels oozing every bit of sexuality she is famous for! The way she is standing talks about the immense amount of self-confidence she has in knowing the impact she will have on the male species of this planet! This is what we call seduction with clothes on!

She even teased her fans by posting on Twitter, ‘Issey kehte hai hip hop hip hop!! Mera hip hop avatar @asliyoyo ke SUPERSTAR video ke liye… What do u think?

Think? What can anyone think?

Who will actually be sane enough to think about anything with such a gorgeous beauty in front of his eyes, right?

Now control your emotions guys and don’t just get carried away.

This look is from the first video which has been shot in the wild deserts and beautiful beaches of California. According to sources, this will also include an adrenaline pumping high octane car chase sequence orchestrated by an A-class international team of technicians. We hope there will be many more videos and many more of such sensuous looks from Sona for her loyal die-hard fans!

She has just raised the temperatures with this picture; we wonder what will the complete video do to the collective sanity of this nation? Yo Yo Honey Singh is anyways famous for his foot-tapping hit numbers; coming together with Ms. Hotness Personified, Sonakshi Sinha, he has made sure to have another super hit song to his credit, even before its release.

Let’s hope these two superstars create some gorgeous magic for us to blow our mind away! 

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