Why unconventional filmy pairs work!

Quirky and unconventional pairs have that zing factor. Do you agree with us?

It’s all about being different. With the trailer of upcoming new age romance ‘Shaadi Ke Side Effects’ hitting the screens, there have been whispers about how unconventional (read cool) Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan look! We did a little digging to find out what makes such filmy couples tick. Read on!

Fresh chemistry:
Audiences are excited to watch fresh chemistry on the screen as it makes the movie an enjoyable experience. While tried and tested pairs are fine, but they lack freshness.

It’s a mystery box!
You don’t know what you’ll come across when you watch Farhan and Vidya together. Will his goofiness play second fiddle to her power-packed acting? Or his effortless charm rub off on her too?

The Zing factor:
Movies need a selling point other than a great story and music. It needs a bit of zing in terms of the leading cast that’s quirky and fun.

No pressure to perform:
When an SRK-Kajol comes on the screen, there’s immense pressure on the two to recreate their DDLJ magic. It’s hardly the case with an Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt combo. If they succeed, great. If they don’t, never mind!

We are able to relate:
Pairs that don’t seem ‘made for each other’ work the best with us as we know that a Katrina Kaif-like girl is never seen with a Hrithik Roshan-esque man. It’s just not how the universe works. It’s mostly the Uday Chopras of thw world landing Nargis Fakhris of the universe or Konkona Sen Sharmas being the love interests of Ranbir Kapoors.

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