Why Sunny paaji is the ultimate action hero!

Sunny Deol, of the ‘Dhai Kilo Ka Haath’ fame, is Bollywood’s ultimate action hero. Here’s why!

Sunny ‘paaji’ Deol is back with, for lack of a better word, bang in ‘Singh Saab The Great’. The recently released trailer looks promising and elevates the action hero’s status in the industry. We don’t know if this masala movie will fare well at the BO, but we sure know that Sunny paaji is the ultimate action hero of Bollywood. Here’s why!

Dhai Kilo Ka Haath:
Which other actor can boast of a ‘dhai kilo ka haath’, which when falls on somebody…’voh utha nahi, uth jaata hai’. Sallu and the gang may have bulging biceps, but it’s Deol paaji who has killer hands. Beat that!


He can create ‘Gadar’:
Whenever he comes on the screen, he creates ‘Gadar’ by fighting his ass off! And if he is not fighting or indulging in fistfights, it’s probably a mediocre movie like ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’.


His dialogues can kill:
If his hands don’t hurt you, his long and convoluted dialogues definitely will. While other action stars like Ajay Devgn and Ram Charan Teja take a couple of minutes to rattle off their punch dialogues, our man dedicates at least two scenes to build up his anger.


No if no but, only jat!
He is a true jat whose anger can be lethal. If you tease him, there won’t be an if or a but, only smashing of your butt.


Hand pump energy:
He is known to life hand pumps and other dangerously heavy stuff to plummet his enemies with. His signature fighting equipment is, of course, the hand pump. Don’t believe us? Watch any of his action hits.


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