Salman’s Lethal Declaration Of Animosity Towards The Kapoors!

We talk about Salman Khan not inviting Ranbir Kapoor and his parents to his sister Arpita’s wedding. Is Salman so angry with Ranbir for his affair with ex-girlfriend, Katrina Kaif?

Salman Khan is at it again!

Whomsoever crosses his path or takes a panga with him has to be ready for the consequences, in fact, deadly consequences!

This time, it is the Gen-X of Kapoors, the blue-eyed boy of Kapoor khandaan who has done the most unthinkable, who has walked a path of direct confrontation with none other than the Bhai of Bollywood, Salman himself.

We are talking about, who else, but Ranbir Kapoor!


It is a known fact that when Salman is angry with someone, he doesn’t react immediately. He takes his own sweet time and only when the moment is right, he strikes back in a manner befitting his stardom making maximum impact on his adversary or on the person who has antagonized him.

The whole world knows about Ranbir and Katrina Kaif going around together and soon moving in to share life as well. And it is also a fact that before Ranbir, Katrina was Sallu bhai’s girlfriend. Even though Salman is seen laughing and smiling about the whole new scenario, it doesn’t mean that he is all cool with this development. He might not be angry with Kat, but he won’t forgive Ranbir so easily as well.


The clear example of Salman’s animosity was seen recently when he invited almost the entire country (the who’s who of the country, you know!) from the President, the Prime Minister to corporate czars to Bollywood big shots except Ranbir Kapoor and his parents for his younger sister Arpita Khan’s wedding! Nothing can be more striking and stunning than this which clearly shows that Salman isn’t happy at all about Ranbir stealing away his girlfriend. It is clearly a sin, oh no wait; it is actually the greatest crime in Sallu’s books to steal his girlfriend from right under his nose! And Ranbir did this blunder with complete knowledge of the consequences. Tch Tch


Remember what Salman did to a loser guy who was once a promising actor, Vivek Oberoi?

That one press conference which Vivek, when in love with Aishwarya Rai, held to defame Salman ruined his career beyond repair!

What will happen to Ranbir?

Well, may be Ranbir isn’t such a soft target given his background and the big family name he carries, that of being a Kapoor! Also, Ranbir has fairly established himself as an acting star so his career might also not get derailed that easily, but then who knows! Salman still is a huge star and carries enough influence to change fortunes.

Will Salman ever forgive Ranbir and let bygones be bygones, the way he hugged with his arch rival Shahrukh Khan during his darling sister Arpita’swedding or is Ranbir going to be in his hit-list forever?

Only time will tell.

One piece of advice for those considering poking Salman: Don’t even think about it or be ready for life to turn upside down!

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