Why Pallavi Sharda didn’t impress us

We tell you why debutant Pallavi Sharda failed to impress us in ‘Besharam’.

Wearing beautiful salwar-kurtas with a bit of her cleavage popping out isn’t going to take debutant Pallavi Sharda very far in Bollywood. The Australia-born model and actress, who made her Hindi film debut with ‘Besharam’, has failed to impress us.  May be it’s not her fault, it’s the casting director’s. When you, a newcomer, is paired opposite a firebrand actor called Ranbir Kapoor, running high on the success of a blockbuster, what chances do you really have?

Since ‘Besharam’ is all about Ranbir, the star and Ranbir, the actor…it leaves little space for the trained Bharatnatyam dancer to showcase any of her skills. Even though she puts in her one hundred percent in all the songs (that keep appearing every ten minutes), she doesn’t leave much of an impression. For someone to match up to RK’s infectious energy, she needs a solid acting base. So she can compensate for her lack of crowd-pleasing charm with her acting. No such luck with Pallavi.

All through the movie, we keep seeing her twins do most of the talking. May be the makers thought the front-row public would come flocking to the cinema halls to watch at least this. But it’s so in-your-face and forced that you lose interest after the first frame itself. And also, which girl in Delhi (of all the places) would wear such outfits? In a bid to titillate the audiences, the director has ruined any chance the actress could have had in Bollywood. Also, she looks rather mismatched opposite Ranbir who effortlessly hogs screen time without being obvious about it. Even when the focus is on her, we are tempted to look at him and watch his histrionics than her boob flash. Is that the charm of Ranbir’s persona? We would never know.


May be her brief was to look pretty, act snobbish, sing and dance a whole lot and fall in love with the hero. She does stick to it, but doesn’t deliver. Partly because we have seen such a heroine billion times before. Also, the fact that she isn’t one of the better looking debutants this year would certainly go against her, despite her having an intelligent face and sharp features.

We do feel we are being too harsh on her, especially when she had to face the Kapoors in her first movie itself…must have been an uphill task. What did you make of her debut? Dazzling enough or not?


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