What Would You Fall For? Shraddha Kapoor’s Beauty or Her Husky Voice?

Talking about Shraddha Kapoor’s song in her next movie, Ek Villain! She has sung it well and wondering if she would lend her voice to other actresses or is this one-time attempt?

Don’t look so confused guys!

Let us enlighten you that not only can Shraddha Kapoor act, but she can sing as well!

Yeah, the latest to join the bandwagon of actors and actresses who render playback to their own onscreen songs, is our very own Aashiqui 2 girl, Shraddha Kapoor. The cute looking actress has already proven her mettle whilst acting in different movies she did. Now she is winning her audiences’ heart with the latest song she vocalized in her upcoming flick, Ek Villain!

Not only is she getting great reviews from her followers on twitter, even her industry colleagues are raving about it. This must be making Shraddha super happy. Do we smell something burning here? Like someone named Priyanka Chopra stomping the ground in frustration? After all, among the current breed of actresses, it is our Piggy Chops who went international to sing songs and even cut a few albums. Alas, no one heard them! Well ok, no doubt PC has a good voice and she must have dreamt of being the next Rihanna or Beyonce or… No harm in dreaming though, right? Tch Tch!!

Well, coming back to Shraddha, she surely has made a decent attempt at singing, nothing OTT, but a soft melodious number to start with. Now, the question is, will she sing more songs and that too only for films in which she acts or will she lend her voice to other actresses too? For a juicy bit, let us try to imagine if she does sing for other actresses. For instance if her voice is used for Katrina Kaif, would she have to sing in accented hindi? What if she has to sing for Sunny Leone? For sure, she will have to practice more of intonations for Sunny’s kind of erotic moans and low-pitch sounds. Ahem Ahem!

For now, the cute fairy looking girl is enjoying all the love and adulation coming her way and she looks like hasn’t made any plans for future singing. That might have given the regular playback singers a sense of relief as they must be terrified of being shut out of business! Relax guys; there is enough work for every talented artist, in our very own, generous, Bolly Town!

To Shraddha, we would like to suggest, “Just take it easy darling, bite only that you can chew!”

It is of course good to be multi-talented and doing multi-tasking, but then one should indulge only if one can deliver justice to everything. She is slowly but surely making a place for herself in men’s heart with her simple angelic beauty. Let us hope her voice becomes an add-on and she becomes a household name, sooner than soon!

You guys do listen to her latest song, Galliyan, from her next movie and tell us how do you find it?


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