What Makes Kareena Kapoor Sensational?

Born with a silver spoon into the Kapoor khandan, Bebo, fondly nicknamed by her father Randhir Kapoor, was always considered as one of the special actors amongst the family.

Born with a silver spoon into the Kapoor Khandan, Bebo, fondly nicknamed by her father Randhir Kapoor, was always considered as one of the special actors amongst the family.

While her elder sister started off her career early, industry insiders were awaiting when the young lad would make her hindi film debut.

She started her acting debut in 2000 with Refugee and while the industry expected her career to soar high right from the start, she too went through the phase of failure; but her winning strategy, got her to soaring heights.

Today she is one of Bollywood’s highest paid actors with six Filmfare awards to her credit.

But what gets this Kapoor girl ticking? Let’s find out…

I play myself on celluloid

Acting flows in her blood; so she tends to don her natural character even on celluloid. She is not a versatile actor, and plays safe when it comes to playing roles on the big screen. Most of her characters are of a high class girl, roaming in fancy cars, living in palatial houses or the life of an actor struggling with stardom! I can’t remember watching Kareena step out of her type casting.

Thank God for the Kapoor surname

Many film makers cast Kareena due to her famous surname. She is known as Kareena Kapoor, grand-daughter of the late actor and filmmaker Raj Kapoor, hence filmmakers are of the notion that the surname would make a difference. Born into the first family of Bollywood, is one of the important factors of films offers for this beauty.

I work only for friends

Kareena has opted out of projects like FashionPage 3, Ram-Leela, etc only to star in a film like Gori Tere Pyaar Mein, which was produced by her friend, Karan Johar. Initially, she also stated that she would not do item numbers. But she couldn’t stick to her tongue, and is now featuring in another item song, due to a request from a friend. She never turns down projects by friends, but she turns down good films! Wow Kareena, you surely have a good taste where films are concerned.

Acting with my lovers works

When featuring in films that star her love interests, they surely make heads turn, due to the controversies attached with the film. She’s acted in films with Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Kapoor, who were her then partners. During her break-up with Shahid, she found solace in the company of chote nawab, Saif Ali Khan, started dating him in Tashan,carried forward their relationship for Qurbaan and has now carried forward that romance into marriage. While she is off the notion that her real life partners click on reel, sorry Kareena you do better with non-romantic partners!

Although Kareena Kapoor is the highest paid actor, she needs to get out of her shell and embrace new kind of cinema. We are fed-up watching her stereotype roles!

Girl you need to be different to click! Friend won’t always help…

Do you agree?

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