Was actor Shweta Menon threatened to withdraw her statement?

The actor was reportedly harassed sexually by an MP from Kollam

On November 1 the actor was invited to be a part of the President’s Trophy boat race at Kollam. Menon was visibly excited to see the boat race but apparently her whole experience turned out to be extremely unpleasant. She was greeted by N P Peethambara Kurup, an MP from Kollam. It seems from that very moment, the minister tried to get all touchy-feely with the babe. From sharing pleasantries to escorting her to the stage, he reportedly tried to touch her hips and shoulders in an indecent way. There was a point when Menon had to ask him to let go of her hand, which he had clutched tightly, as she was being summoned to address the audience.

Of course a lot of hoo-ha was created about the government leader trying to get all pally with the babe as the visuals were already out in the media in the form of photographs and videos. Right after the hype, Menon lodged an FIR against Kurup and claimed that he tried to assault her sexually. She said in the statement that the MP tried to touch her in a disturbing way twice. But what really came across as a shock is that the very same day, in the evening, the actor retracted her statement and withdrew all the allegations she made against the MP.  

Kurup later apologized and declared that he was doing so only as the organiser of the event and not on his own behalf. 

The reason she withdrew the case?

There seem to be a host of them. Initially the brouhaha was that she was loathing the fact that the whole issue was getting all sensational and damaging her reputation. After a couple of days we hear that the actor was asked to withdraw the charges by her father and guru. Menon also claimed that she was just being all large hearted and magnanimous and she retracted her statement out of pure sympathy for the MP, as it must have been difficult for an old man and a public figure like him to apologize in front of the whole world. Rumours also suggest that the actor was threatened to take back all her charges.

While we still don’t know the real reason behind Menon’s sudden change of mind, we think the cops and the law should come in the picture and help the actor feel safe and suggest her to take the right decision.  


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