The Newest Singing Sensation Salman Khan Is Going To Give You All A Hangover! Listen On.. Err.. Read on!

Here we talk about the latest song from Salman Khan’s upcoming film, Kick! The novelty factor is that it is sung by Salman himself even though song is kind of average but melodious.

Salman can do action…

Salman can do comedy!

He was always a good dancer…

And, now he can sing in melody!

Sing? Who, Salman Khan? Shocked?

Yeah, that’s right! Salman has just added another feather to his hat by turning singer for his upcoming movie, Kick! Okay, come out of your shocked state of mind guys. This is Bollywood and Salman rules it. So whatever he wishes to do, he does it; and that too in style!


We think Salman must be sitting somewhere getting bored by doing same kind of action, same kind of comedy to entertain his loyal fans and followers. The amazing thing about his repetitive acts is that even those are loved by his fans and no matter how stupidly he acts, people still throng cinema halls to catch a glimpse of him. He must be wondering what I should do next to give the same thing again to my followers in the garb of doing something different. That’s when he must have got an idea to try something hatke and lo, a singer was born out of nowhere! 

Listening to the new song, Hangover, in Sallu bhai’s voice was a different world experience altogether. Not because he sang exceptionally well but for the reason that we can imagine apna bhai mouthing those lines, trying hard not to get his American accent in between and still sounding cool! Now he isn’t a trained singer so we can not judge him on his singing skills. This is where we would like to mention the genius of music composers, Meet Brothers and Anjjan Bhatacharya for creating a melody which actually doesn’t require a singer and having such lyrics which will not take a toll on Salman’s s vocal chords. Moreover, it has been kept so simple that all his fans can quickly learn the lines and try to ape him in singing department as well. Soon you will find people from all walks of life singing this song in public places, in various tones and rhythms.

Thankfully we have Shreya Ghosal to give company to Salman in this love duet, giving her voice for Jacqueline Fernandes in the movie. Her voice comes as a breath of fresh air, hope Jacqueline’s face to her voice provides the same sense of relief! As of now, only the audio is released, so we will have to wait to give a verdict on the picturisation. Given the fact that it is Salman’s first song as a singer and the movie Kick is producer Sajid Nadidawala’s directorial debut, every possible effort would have been made to make it a success.

Well, the song is nice, decently hummable and has Salman Khan written all over it! What else is required? His fans will lap it up and soon it might rule the charts!

For those who don’t drink, experience this Hangover; for those who do, cheers! Hic!

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