Paris Hilton Wants To Work With Hrithik! Is His Luck Running Out?

Paris Hilton Wants To Work With Hrithik Roshan! Paris Hilton recently tweeted that she wants to work with Hrithik Roshan in Bollywood. Based on that, many producers have shown an interest. Is it worth it or another stupid stunt?

Paris Hilton– the heiress to Hilton group of Hotels worldwide!

She is not an actress, she is not a model.

All that she does is performs!

Then you may ask how she is not an actress if she performs?

The answer to that intelligent question is that in the background of our entertainment-greedy audiences, a display of a human being in any state or form is also sometimes termed as entertainment!

In that sense Paris is one of the top-most entertainers of the world! She has had her own private-turned-public sex-tapes, panty-less outings in full public display, etc etc. Now, it is some stupendous performance that without being a porn-star, she releases her porn video and then cries foul for getting huge publicity (and millions of dollars!) for it. She dares to venture out all commandos in the shortest of skirt knowing fully well how the paparazzi are going to click her even before she steps out of her luxury sedan. It is a courageous performance given that she gave it with a smile constantly plastered on her face without any hint of embarrassment of shyness or awkwardness!

True signs of a super performer, huh?

Now, this mighty talented entertainer has set her eyes, hold your breath, on our own Hollywood counterpart, Greek God, Hrithik Roshan! Yes you read it right! It might not sound or look pleasant to your sensory organs, but then this is the hard truth. Well, whether it is a hard and bitter truth for Hrithik’s fans or for himself, only time will tell.

It is all about a chance meeting Paris had with Hrithik in Dubai recently and she was so enchanted by his hot looks and charming personality that she gave an interview talking about India, its culture, food, fashion and of course, Bollywood! In the same breath she said that she wants to work in a Hindi film opposite Hrithik Roshan

To emphasize her desperateness, she even tweeted about it and created mass hysteria in our white-skin obsessed film-fraternity.

According to last reports, many big producers who had earlier tried, but failed to rope in this billionaire performer in their dumber than the dumb flicks, suddenly got a new glimmer of hope. They are again making frantic efforts to get her on board and then they might try to convince our Duggu baba to sign a film with her.

This is what is so scary you know! Hrithik’s luck is working like a pendulum right now. He gave country’s 2nd biggest hit in Kkrish 3 and then suddenly went through on-the-set injuries and got the biggest low of his life when his wife, Susanne Roshan decided to give divorce to him. A super high, then a super low and just a few days back he received another super high when his latest release Bang Bang became a runaway hit, looking all set to be the highest grosser ever! See, the pattern suggested again a low, but a low in terms of doing a film opposite one of the dumbest females ever born on this planet, is horrendous!

We don’t care about producers who want to en-cash another firang beauty’s ageing sex-appeal to earn some bucks, but Hrithik deserves better!

Definitely better!

Let’s pray for him by observing a one-minute silence that he is able to overcome or may be totally avoid this potential assault on his intellect and talent!

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