Our Take on Bollywood’s Best Sardars: Bowing Down To Sons of Sardars

Read deep into our take on who essays a sardarji’s role in Bolly best. Our ratings, views and suggestions’”all uncensored!

Bollywood knows no stopping when it comes to creative liberty to create authentic portrayals. With the influx of Punjabi characters in B-town flicks, there is no looking back when it comes to portraying the quintessential sardarji on the silver screen.

 Here is our take on the men who portrayed the brave and romantic Sikh on celluloid over the last few years.

  • Saif Ali Khan:- Known for his handsome looks and lovely eyes, Chote Nawab has inspired fans to drool over what we brand as a beautiful man. However, as a Surd in Love Aaj Kal, he changed his image in a flicker. The wow looks with his three-quartered shirt sleeves and the superb pagdi in place made us fall in love with sardars. Perhaps, Saifu brought the image of the cool Sardar to the surface. He scores a 3 on our fiver rate card. 
  • Ajay Devgn:- Moving to the simpleton Sardar, Ajay Devgn has managed to etch a name. With Son Of Sardar, it was almost close to representing the community to stand up for their integrity instead of being pushed back as caricature figures. Ajay did not look hip but his comic timing and portrayal of the sardar-ness was way above merely entertaining!! A 3 on 5 is what we rate Ajay Bhai at! 
  • Akshay Kumar:- With the flick Singh Is Kingg, we were bowled with the funk associated with Happy Singh. The guffaw moments were draggy yes but the sardar in Akki made us adore the community. Sexy and tickly at once, Akshay made us recall that Sardars can be awesome if they want to. He scores a fiver and perhaps that is why has again bagged Singh Is Bling now. 
  • Ranbir Kapoor:- Ranbir Kapoor was a smart sardar in Rocket Singh. However, he failed to deliver a punch as we anticipated. He looked too in the face while his get up failed to meet up to his histrionic style. 2–that is our score on the sardar rate card for Ranbir. 

Now now, with these bygones dissected, here is a list of whom we want to see as a Sardar on the big screen-

  • Ranveer Singh- With his natural sculpt and vibrant personality, who better to portray a sardar but our own Ranveer Singh? With a granddad belonging to the community, most of the mannerisms too could come down clean and authenticated in Singh style. 
  • Shahid Kapoor:- With his natural good looks and his wow innocence, he could portray the role with élan. In fact, his ability to penetrate the skin of the character could do him great when it comes to playing a Surd onscreen. We hope filmmakers are rummaging for better choices. 

While the Punjabi revolution takes over Bolly, we want to see others portraying such a role with oomph!!

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