Is Underwear The Only Way To Fame For Alia Bhatt?

This is about the recent controversy Alia Bhatt found herself in at the trailer launch of her next movie, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. It sounds more like a publicity stunt which an actress of her caliber doesn’t require!

Wardrobe Malfunction!

That sounds like from the Stone Age, really!

There use to be really a lot of hype and controversy around wardrobe malfunctions and some wannabes’ still walk down that path for instant publicity and fame.

But to find Alia Bhatt in a similar controversy?

 What has the world come to? Where is life heading to?

Would there be cinematic nirvana? Would entertaining satisfaction be found anywhere?

Ok! We know that was way too over-melodramatic but then so is this cheap funny act of Alia Bhatt seeking publicity via showcasing her underwear through her green transparent Patiala salwar.

We are talking about the trailer launch of her next flick with Varun Dhawan, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. In front of all the media, Varun picked her up as part of movie promotion and lo, there it was, shining bright out of her green salwar, Alia’s underwear! No matter what happens to Alia’s career henceforth, her underwear has made its place in history books. 100-200 years down the line, when people will remember Alia for her performances, in the same breath many will mention this underwear show for sure.

Do you guys think she should get this underwear patented and maybe auction it after few years, in case her career takes a nose-dive(which doesn’t look like given her immense talent, but still!!)? That maybe going too far but then since she has already done this act of publicity, despite proving her mettle in movies as diverse as Highway and 2 States, she should go ahead and do everything possible to make this underwear immortal!!

Well, if she is reading it, she may find this rude but then this is out of love for her and her craft. An actress who doesn’t have anything to show by way of her acting can resort to cheap thrills of removing clothes for no reasons or buying publicity at any cost, but for Alia, it’s a no-no. Come on, think of it, at such a nascent stage of her career, she has shown an underwear, what next? A sneak peak without one? Well, no one would mind that for sure and she will get more publicity than she ever got for her movies, isn’t it?

But this incident has another plus side for Alia. The company which manufactured her brand of underwear would sign her for endorsements in no time for truckloads of money. And then will make sure to print the brand name all across the underwear. From whatever angle Alia tries to expose next time, both she and the brand will get ample publicity!! HA HA!! .

Soon, she will be seen all over promoting her next movie, let us see what all will be on display. A thong, may be?

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