Irrfan Khan And Deepika Padukone Caught Together!

We talk about the launch of new film starring Irfan Khan, Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan and Moushmi Chatterjee. This is a really un-orthodox kind of casting achieved by ace director Shoojit Sarcar.

Hold the horses of your imagination guys!

We are not talking about a racy link-up between these two stars or any intimate moments they spent together.

Wish they did though!

However, as of now what we need to inform you is that both these superlative actors have been signed for a movie together. Not just them, the movie with its unique and really different title, Piku, will also have the daddy of Indian cinema, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and yesteryears’ Bong beauty, Moushmi Chatterjee, in pivotal roles!

Now if this isn’t some extra-ordinary creative casting, then what else can be?

This feat has been achieved by ace director Shoojit Sircar for his next movie that will release in April’15. This unusual casting made us wonder how it would be to have these 4 stalwarts on the same set with their different ideologies and backgrounds.

On one hand we have Amitabh Bachchan who despite being such a biggie isn’t able to draw audiences to theatres on his own. While Irrfan has proven himself over the years as an actor, his commercial success is still limited. Ms. Moushmi Chatterjee is from a different era altogether. Today’s generation may not even recognize this fine actress. That leaves Deepika, the only one who captures the pulse of an entire nation like no one else.

So, is she going to be the crowd puller?

It is a father-daughter story or else we could have suggested a romantic angle between Deepika and Amitabh!

Don’t you look at us like this! Come on guys, both are really good looking, sexy actors. Even though with an age difference of a few decades, we still think that with their awe-inspiring acting abilities, they can create some beautiful romantic magic on screen. Mr. Bachchan has already done a role like that in one of his ill-fated movies, Nishabd, no harm in trying again! Now if certain Mr. Ranveer Singh is getting furious, so be it! We are just giving an opinion, after all! For now, guess it is going to be some unique romance between Irrfan and Deepika.

Given this star cast and the kind of director Shoojit is, one thing is for sure that the movie won’t be a brainless cinema.

Let us hope that the makers remain true to the content and not give in to popular demands of exploiting Deepika’s glamour quotient. This ensemble of actors is enough to give us a wild imagination that there can be a movie which can cater not just the domestic but international audience as well! All of them combined together can lift an ordinary subject to a fabulous one.

The shoot is about to begin in couple of months, let’s give them our best wishes and let them know that we are expecting nothing, but the best from them!

Go Shoojit, go!

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