All The Khans And Kapoors Together In A Movie: Who Has The Balls To Make It Happen?

How to make a hit Bollywood movie – We talk about the recent trend in Bollywood where in multi-starrers are back and making huge profits. The biggest multi-starrer of this era obviously will star all the Khans and Kapoors!

This is 2014, but it looks like a blast from the past.

It is as if we are re-living the 80’s again as far as our Bollywood is concerned.

No, it surely is not a compliment as 80’s are considered to be one of the worst times for Hindi movies.

However, there were some awesome things happening in the movie-world even during that shitty phase. One such thing was making of multi-starrer movies. The trend started sometime in 70’s and went on throughout 80’s.

Today, the very same multi-starrers are back and like how! All these biggies boast of no or wafer-thin storylines, but are total paisa-vasool giving thorough entertainment to the audience across all age-groups. The most recent example being Shahrukh-Deepika-Abhishek-Sonu-Boman-Vivaan starrer, Happy New Year!

It has broken all possible records, that too in just three days of the release!

Just imagine, the film boasted only two saleable biggies, Shahrukh and Deepika and then it is doing this kind of a roaring business.

What if a mega-movie is planned with the biggest stars of Bollywood?

Let’s give our Bollywood people a suggestion, in fact a grand suggestion!

Make a movie with all the leading Khans and Kapoors together! In simple words, have Aamir, Salman, Shahrukh along with Ranbir and Kareena in one single movie. For glamour quotient, throw in some more sexy lasses, Deepika, Katrina and Priyanka! Put in Amitabh Bachchan as the patriarchal figure. Since the movie might not have any storyline (is a story even needed?), give the directorial responsibilities to the brother-sister duo, Sajid and Farah Khan!

You know, Sajid creates mega-flops and Farah is becoming an expert in making mega-hits!

Opposites attract and the final result these siblings will produce might make the movie one of the biggest ever in the history of cinema, may be world cinema!

See, the recipe is ready!

But who will has the balls and the actual financial muscle power to fund such a magnum-opus?

For the first time ever, Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra can come together to produce such a flick!

This can be a golden opportunity for them as well, as this one flick can cover several flops these guys have produced till date or might make in the future.

Well, we have given the recipe that can become a benchmark for even Hollywood to follow! Now, are the Bollywood-ers listening? Come on guys, just open your bank vaults and sign these biggies; you don’t need your brains anyways!

As audience, we have already stopped using our brains on the current crop of movies, so we won’t bother at all!

Give us the cheesy, non-sensical, idiotic entertainment with our beloved stars, we will love you more!

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