Hate Story2 – Movie Review: There Is Actually Nothing To Love About The Movie!

The movie review for latest release Hate Story2. It generated curiosity for its steamy scenes however as a movie it falls flat. A total waste of time and energy!

Anyone suffering from insomnia and wants to have a deep sleep?

Anyone who needs some private space to coochie-coo with their partner?

Anyone needs to laugh out loud at all the stupidities having party together at one venue?

Well, the answer to above mentioned questions is: Go and watch Hate Story2!!

Now, for people who are normal and suffer from no problems, one piece of advice: Stay away from this idiotic B-grade cinema shown in C-class style, thinking as if audiences have D-grade brains!!

Okay so the rant is over and now we can talk about the movie!

It is a sequel to 2012 release Hate Story which apparently minted some money for the producers, T-Series Films. That must have given them the audacity to make another of this torturous kind of movie thinking that an erotic revenge thriller would make audiences go mad about it! Well, to some extent the sensual and steamy trailers did entice the audience and might even bring them to cinema halls, but will surely make them mad!

Mad in anger in response to what was promised and what is delivered!

The movie has nothing that works for it.

It is about girl-with-sexy-body-but-limited-acting-abilities Sonika (Surveen Chawla) who is physically used and abused by local political heavy-weight Mandar Mhatre (Sushant Singh) till she meets the love of her life, Akshay (Jay Bhanushali). What does a pissed off Mandar, who lives his life by his baba’s gyan-filled stone-age quotes, does to Sonica and Jay, forms the crux of the story!

In short, director Vishal Pandya has made a yawn-inducing hate and revenge story going to and fro between past and present, interrupted by some deep orgasmic voice dialogues. Oh, not to forget some forgettable romantic duets which are parts of the flick because songs are necessary to provide some loo breaks! Don’t look at us like these guys, even current favorite of all, Sunny Leone’s Pink Lips can’t save it!

As far as the steamy scenes are concerned, they are just a few and even then, hardly make an impact as the chemistry between the lead pair is absolutely cold and boring! Nothing much to write about them! Performance wise, Surveen Chawla has tried best to give a memorable performance with her single expression during most part of the movie which makes us confused: Was she orgasmic or sad or in pain or constipated? Well, we don’t care anymore. Jay debuted with this flick and we really want him to get his IQ tested! Did he sign this movie for lip-locks or what? As such he has hardly anything to do and whatever he does is so amateur that one can’t believe he is an experienced actor!

Poor choice of script we guess or a desperate act to get into movies as most of his contemporaries did! Only saving grace is Sushant Singh who proves that a good actor can do a manageable job in trashy movie like this!

Those who haven’t booked the tickets made a good decision and saved some hard-earned money. Those who did, give them to your enemies free of cost, so at least, you can derive some sadistic pleasure!

Rest of you, enjoy the monsoons!

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