5 Reasons Why We Need Two Khans Of The Era, Salman And Shahrukh, Together In A Movie!

We work around a thought about Salman and Shahrukh doing a movie together. Just trying to give some random reasons for them to think of ending their fight and actually doing a movie together.

If both these megastars come together in a movie, it will be a RECORD PHAADU BOX-OFFICE HIT!!

Isn’t it?

Come to think of it guys, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan acting in the same movie; it will break all possible box-office records and create new untouchable benchmarks for others to follow!

Of course, both have acted in couple of movies like Karan Arjun and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai but that was years ago. It was well before their hugely publicized fight.

After that infamous encounter between the two, they have grown bigger and bigger in their stature with every project of theirs individually crossing at least a 100crores! Despite various rumors and tit-bits of news about their re-conciliation, nothing actually is happening on the ground.

We thought, let’s give them some reasons to bury the hatchet and actually take up the challenge to work together!

Reason 1: Earn loads of money!

Their individual star-power is so huge, just imagine how much they both can earn if they do a movie together. Any movie that act in together, will easily reach the magical figure of 500 or even a 1000crores in no time! The whole country wants to see them on screen, it will be a treat!

Reason 2: Romance and action work in India!

While Salman Khan is the ideal stud with his Dabangg kind of action style, Shahrukh is known for his mushy romantic flicks like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge! Both these genres rake in the moolah and bring audiences in truckloads to cinema halls, no matter what kind of a movie it is. To watch Salman’s action and Shahrukh’s romance in one movie, people will queue up months in advance!

Reason 3: Industry-wallahs can relax and focus on creativity!

Since the time both have fought publicly, camps have been formed around them. People either side one superstar or are forever in a dilemma as to whose side to stick to! This atmosphere of fear will ease and more resources will be spent in creating better entertainers for their loyal fans!

Reason 4: Lesser Award functions!

Both these actors are par excellence but in one award function, only one actor can get an award. Since both of them are kind of separated, more award functions have mushroomed catering to either one’s fancies. One award night gives award to Shahrukh; another one brings Salman’s work in focus. Their coming together will end useless award nights and selective ones can continue. Both of them can share the awards for the same movie, thereby lessening the trauma for audience as well by erasing the audience and critic’s poll.

Reason 5: Good for the country!

Salman and Shahrukh’s bhaichaara will be like a lesson to the youth of the country. First lesson will be not to fight. Secondly, even if you fight, forgive and forget and join hands for some capital gains! Peace can be restored in the country.

Well, these were few of our off-the-cuff reasons for them to think again about their rivalry. In case you guys can think of more reasons, do let us know!  

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