5 Reasons Why Aamir Khan’s Next Movie P.K. Will Be A Trendsetter!

Aamir Khan’s next big movie, P.K. It was earlier called Peekay but makers want to keep the plot of the movie secret so changed the name. Also, it might show Aamir doing full monty and turn blonde!

Aamir Khan’s next movie is P.K. and not Peekay and he is going Full Monty for it!

Yeah, that’s right!

Director Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir thought that the title of the movie should not reveal anything about the movie. As per the rumors, Aamir is playing a drunkard in it, hence the requirement for title change. Whatever be the real reason for name change, the fact that it has perfectionist Aamir Khan in it is enough for our movies-obsessed junta to go crazy about it.

There are still couple of months left for the movie to be released but the way it is already making news for various reasons, we thought let’s give you a heads up about the flick.

Here are our top five reasons why PK might turn out to be a benchmark for Bollywood!

Reason 1: It has the hit combination of Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani!

It is the same deadly combo who gave us 3 Idiots which broke all possible box-office records at that time. Not only was it a mass entertainer, it was also a clean family film with a message which wasn’t preachy at all. Hoping for the same from PK as well!

Reason 2: Aamir Khan has turned Blonde for the film!

Yes guys, the actor who started the trend of experimentation with his looks has got another ace up his sleeve for PK. Aamir will be turning blonde for substantial part of the movie for his character and going by the looks of it, he does look weird yet interesting.

Reason 3: Aamir will go Full Monty!

Come on guys, you don’t have to blush now! Okay, yeah, may be Aamir’s female fans can blush by the thought of watching Aamir strip down to his birthday suit. Sources say, in the movie he will be covering his modesty with just a tape-recorder! We bet, if the makers will try to auction that tape-recorder they might recover the whole cost of making the freaking movie! This will be huge, like real huge! None of the mainstream A-listed actors have done anything of this sort before. Who knows, this might start a trend among the top male actors to shed their inhibitions. What a treat for all those giggling girls, isn’t it?

Reason 4: Aamir and Anushka’s Kiss!

Now this will be interesting. Not because we will be watching a smooch for the first time, but for the reason that it will be Aamir who will be kissing his co-star, yet again. He was the one who brought the kissing trend back in mainstream cinema with his real looooong in-the-rain smooch with Karishma Kapoor in Raja Hindustani! A trendsetter, see?

Reason 5: Aamir will play an alien!

Yes, Aamir will play an alien who has come down to earth and what happens with this alien is the plot of the movie. We have had Jaadu as an alien to give company to Hrithik Roshan in Koi Mil Gaya, but here the Hero of the movie himself is an outsider! How frigging cool is that?

The movie has been in the making and in the news for the longest possible time, but with the results slowly trickling out, all that time was well spent!

The curiosity is killing us now, wish we can pre-pone Christmas! That’s when the movie will release.

This could be a perfect Christmas present from Aamir and team!

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