Do Not Express Too Much On Social Media! You Might Appear Like One Of These!

Over expression on Social media – Over expressing oneself on these sites has its own set of perils which one should consider before posting, tweeting, or uploading images.

While it’s great to connect with people on social media, one should take cautions for not disclosing too many facts about one’s way of life on these sites.

This is primarily for two reasons – firstly it is perilous for strangers to have so much information at their disposal, and secondly, not everyone likes their Facebook walls to clutter with irrelevant information about a friend or a colleague. Uploading a hoard of images too frequently, or indulging in over posting & over sharing, may make one appear flashy and exhibitionistic.

Listed below are few peculiar traits and associated titles which people generally use for those who express beyond limits on social networking sites:

  1. Attention Seeker

Now let’s accept it that sentimental ramblings and sad quotes on social media cannot improve the situation. Nor will one receive the desired comfort which he/she wished to embrace in the first place. Barring a few close friends, not many would show interest in the misgivings of one’s life, and such postings will only make the individual feel lonelier.

Further, people associate such traits with those of an attention seeker, who brings up trivial issues for seeking sympathy of others.   

  1. Gloomy Doomy

As Elvis Presley once said, ‘When things go wrong, don’t go with them!’ During hard times, no matter how tempted one may feel, he should ensure not to share any bad news on social media, particularly not as a status update.

It projects a negative personality of the one making the post, and people may label him as a moaner or whiner who keeps cribbing about his life falling apart.

  1. Pretentious

Expressing political or communal beliefs in fancy adjectives, and then disregarding the same in actual practice, makes one appear pretentious. One may fool some fellow members for some time, however, in the long run, the truth does show itself.

The trick is to remain honest and post only those opinions which one sincerely believes.    

  1. Open Book

While it’s great to have a life which is an open book, it is not advisable to leak out all the information on social networking sites. Basic information will suffice, but it is unnecessary to reveal too many details about one’s personality and lifestyle, as such facts may become an object of misuse.

Further, it’s fun to allow only special people access those precious thoughts, and let others keep guessing about one’s actual style and demeanor.

In a nutshell, the mantra of having a successful social media account is to remain simple and authentic. By being yourself, you can easily avoid such nasty tags and titles. So next time, take precautions of not over expressing yourself, as one small mistake may make you lose your pivotal connections on the social networking platform.   

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