Microsoft’s Hyperlapse Software is Here to Smooth Out Your Shaky Videos!

It is time to get rid of your shaky videos. Microsoft has introduced Hyperlapse in order to make sure the videos are free from any kind of shakiness.

The GoPro cameras seem to be everywhere nowadays. 

We all love to capture the running moments and preserve them for life. Whether it is a bike trail or ski slopes, or some other thrilling adventure, the idea of first person video is quite alluring.

However, these footages come with their set of problems, like shaky videos, which are really disappointing. Some of us try to solve this problem by time compressing the videos. But this adds on to the woes as they highlight the camera jerks even more. When you watch such videos they make you feel like you were riding a passenger train that took you through a bumpy ride at 100 mph. 

Taking cue from all such hassles, Microsoft has come with up an effective solution with “Hyperlapse.”

The Hyperlapse videos work almost as fast as any time lapse first person ones but their imagery is stable and smooth. Although now watching with your Google glasses and shooting with GoPros seem smoother, but a lot of research and technological development have gone into developing the Hyperlapse

This technology begins by analyzing your entire video and creates an almost similar 3D model of the footage. Then it builds a camera path through the footage to bring in smoothness and good video quality while mimicking the original path. The algorithm searches for dead frames and also readjusts the camera so that the device shoots in a more controlled manner. 

It is the brainchild of Microsoft Research’s Johannes Kopf, Michael Cohen, and Richard Szeliski. For maintaining the smooth feel, Hyperlapse has come up with certain tricks. The optimal path of the video will not always be similar to the position of your head. Hence, there will be gaps in the landscape coverage. Hyperlapse bridges these gaps by providing high quality images from the frames that lie adjacent to the ones it has planned to use in the final video. It grafts the images and even balances out the colors to present a smoothen frame. 

Microsoft is also planning to introduce the Hyperlapse video technology in Microsoft Windows.

However, no time frame has yet been decided about the development.

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