Beware! Technology Is Making Us Put On Extra Weight And Feel Lethargic!

Health risk of technology – We are all aware that physical exercises are the best means of keeping oneself fit, healthy, and active. However, in the modern hi-tech era, we have become so dependent on technology,

During the last decade, technology has totally transformed our habits and style of living.

Today, as practically everything is available on our computer or phone screens, we do not wish to leave our comfort zones and explore the unknown world.

The result of this transformation is evident in our restricted physical activities and constant feeling of fatigue & lethargy. It seems that gadgets have mechanized us and we have become mere slaves of technology, leaving us with no interest in burning some muscles.

Listed below are a few facets as to how this new hi-tech era is making us obese and lazy:

Online Shopping Vs Mall Shopping

There was a time when we used to run around the mall’s aisle to pick up our favorite stuff and brand. Our eyes would catch on to something even more interesting and we would hop on to the other section realizing that we have already spent a couple of hours in filling up our shopping cart. The delight of holding the item in our hand and experiencing its feel was a great satisfaction in itself. However, with flawless online shopping services consisting of doorstep delivery, easy cancellations & returns, and a wide array of products, we find it convenient to shop from the internet.

What’s more, with home-delivery of sumptuous food, we have been simply adding more inches to the waistline without even moving a muscle.   

Video Games Vs Outdoor Games

Be it kids or adults, games have always been a fascination for most of us. They make us feel re-invigorated and are an excellent source of entertainment & physical exercise. However, with outdoor games such as cricket, football, and other sports available on our gaming consoles, we feel disenchanted to step out of our houses and exert our muscles. While some of these video games are favorable for developing analytical, logical, & reasoning skills, they completely restrict one’s physical movements.

Apart from depriving one from his sleep, these games also make the individual so mentally stressed out, that he feels disinterested in carrying out any productive activity.   

Gadgets Vs Outdoor Entertainment

With the library, DIY videos, and movies becoming alive on our smartphones & tablets, we don’t feel the need of walking to the nearest spot for some entertainment and knowledge.

With multiple apps being developed every single day, our source of enjoyment and merriment remains confined to the 5-inch screens of mobile phones!

Online Social Networking Vs Actual Socializing  

Thanks to social networking sites, we have now become a lot closer to our friends & relatives all across the world. However, the truth beneath the veneer is that we are living in the world of virtual reality. Instead of immersing oneself into spending quality time with our near & dear ones, we spend hours on liking, commenting, peeping, and feeling jealous of lives of others on social media sites.

Simple tasks of hanging out with friends or hitting the gym seem boring, while staying at home and communicating with strangers feels appealing.      

The truth is that though technology makes our lives simpler, it also induces us to stay distant from the real world. The choice is ours, whether we want to continue to let technology take on to our lives, or do we wish to ignore its negative implications, accept its positive outcomes, and give ourselves a healthy and active life!   

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