The College Makeup Guide

A quick routine to make you look gorgeous even for your early morning class…


Here’s is a quick routine that will make you look wide awake and pulled together for the morning class, no matter how busy and tiresome your schedule has been for sometime. And not to mention those appreciative glances you will get from the desired people… Enjoy!

Exfoliate: Use a mild, daily scrub to exfoliate your facial skin and neck with, instead of using soap as it will make it dry. Gently massage your face and neck for a minute and then rinse with water. Pat skin dry with a clean tissue or towel. Once the skin is dry, splash some rose water and let it get absorbed.

Tinted moisturiser: Instead of using a normal day cream or a moisturiser, use a tinted one as it will give you a healthy, pinkish glow on your face in just one stroke. Try to fine one with SPF as if will double up as a sunscreen and you will be sorted with just one bottle for your daily needs. If possible, look for tinted moisturiser with natural or organic ingredients. Apply small dots all over your face and neck and then just smooth out gently with your fingers, massaging in upward direction.

Tinted lip balm: It’s a girl’s best friend as it instantly makes you look livelier. Pick up various shades of pink, peach, orange and nude and you are all set. Always keep it handy in your bag or pocket so that you lips never look dry and have that appreciative sheen. Remember to not go overboard with the gloss and buy a shade which is neither too shiny nor too dull.

Kohl or lengthening mascara: All it takes is just one neat stroke of kohl for your eyes to stand out. Go for a stick or a pencil one as it is much easier and quicker to apply and keep in your bag. On certain occasions, when you have that option to play with your look a little more, use a lengthening mascara and apply in outward flicks. It won’t look too dramatic and at the same time, will make your eyes pop out.

Nail paint: We tend to get a bit careless with our nails, which often ends us in embarrassing situations, when we least expected. By rule, always keep your nails neat and clean, properly cut and bit shiny. Cut them once every week and maintain the shape. Keep your hands and feel well moisturised at all times. If you are putting a nail colour, remember to take it off when it starts chipping. Even if you want to keep your nails bare, apply nude nail paint, as it will give them a healthy shine.

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