These Are The Personality Traits Of People Born In October!

October Born Personality Traits

October Born Personality Traits – Hello!

So, you’re born in the month of October. I’m sure that you’re excited to read about your personality traits that makes you unique as compared to the ones born in different months. It is obvious that you know about yourself but still, I know there’s FUN in reading. IF you’re here to know about someone who is born in this month, then that’s cool too.

Let’s begin – October Born Personality Traits.


Oh yes, October born people are said to be very, very…romantic. They’ve the ability to win hearts by romantically involving people in their talks. Other than that; they’re also very good at using pick-up lines just to impress the opposite person. People born in October can easily win hearts by their sweet talks.


They’re very self-motivated. Their self-motivation indirectly motivate others around ‘em. Isn’t that great? Plus, they’re independent and they always try to make others around ‘em independent too.


October born people can easily make friends wherever they go. Like I mentioned, they’re good at talking and this becomes a major reason that they’re comfortable in making friends. Their “Friendly-Nature” always help others to open up themselves.


You’re lucky to be loved by them. When in love, they do everything that makes the opposite person happy. Yes, sometimes, they might hurt but the way they love covers up everything. They are very loving and loyal.


No matter how big the problem is, October born people will never lose hope. The best thing about ‘em is, they always have a positive attitude. I’ve October born people in my LIFE and whenever I go into the negative zone, they always pull me out and fills me positivity.


Because of this trait, many people hate ‘em. But it’s not their fault as they only speak what they feel is right. If you ask ‘em something, they’ll give you honest opinion. Don’t expect ‘em to say something that you want to hear.


Yes, October born people are short-tempered. They lose their temper when they feel that things are not happening the way they want. They always try to overcome this habit, but it doesn’t work.


October born people always have a plan in their mind. They might not share it with you, but they work on it secretly. Even though they don’t reach their goals, they take it as a challenge to do better things.


Oh well, they’re a little careless when it comes to money. Even though they don’t have much, they spend the money they have on buying things for others. Sometimes others take advantage of them but still, they do the same thing.

This was all about October born personality traits. 

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